Public Health (BA) Program

Why a BA in Public Health?

The Northeastern Public Health major is for those students with an interest in the sociocultural factors shaping health, public health policy, or administration. Students develop extensive knowledge in public health along with a solid grounding in the social and behavioral sciences.

Experiential Opportunities

Students benefit from hands-on learning opportunities both on and off campus. On-campus options include the Institute for Health Equity and Social Justice Research, the Center for Community Health Education Research and Service, and the Social Science Environmental Health Research Institute. Off-campus options include local and federal public health agencies and NGOs in Boston and around the globe.


The program’s interdisciplinary focus encompasses courses on health policy, epidemiology, and biostatistics, paired with courses in psychology and other social sciences.

While saving time and money, you can gain a competitive advantage in the job market by choosing our PlusOne accelerated BA/master’s degree program in Public Health.

Subject to change. Please check the academic catalog for the most current information.

Year 1

Fall Hours Spring Hours Summer 1 Hours Summer 2
HSCI 1000 1 ENGW 1111 4 PHTH 2350 4 Vacation
PHTH 1260 4 PHTH 2515 4 Elective 4  
PSYC 1101 4 BIOL 1147 4
BIOL 1143 4 Introductory language course 4
Elective 4


Fall Hours Spring Hours Summer 1 Hours Summer 2
HSCI 2000 1 Co-op Co-op ENGW 3306 4 Vacation
PHTH 2210 4 Elective* 4 Social science course 4
PHTH 2300 4
Intermediate language course 4
Social science course 4


Fall Hours Spring Hours Summer 1 Hours Summer 2
PHTH 4202 4 Co-op Co-op Social science course 4 Vacation
PHTH 4540 4 Elective* 4 Elective 4
Social science course 4
Elective 4


Fall Hours Spring Hours
PHTH 4120 4 Electives 8
Social science course 4 Capstone course 4
Elective (HSCI 4970 can be used for 4 credits) 8 Social science course 4

Social Sciences Requirements

Take courses from categories listed below to connect public health knowledge with other disciplines.

  • Environmental Health and Climate Change
  • Globalization and Global Health
  • Healthcare Administration and Management
  • Law, Policy, and Human Rights
  • Society and Behavior

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