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Drug Discovery, Delivery, Development, and Nanomedicine Bouvé researchers and students are exploring the complex world of medication, from concept to development to delivery. At the Bouvé Center for Drug Discovery, more than 60 scientists and students work at the cellular, molecular, genetic and epigenetic level to pioneer new ways to fight cancer, degenerative disease, addiction, and more.
Health Across the Lifespan Bouvé researchers and students are combining clinical expertise with emerging technologies to study and address health challenges across the spectrum of human development. An interdisciplinary approach permits our researchers to innovate and achieve improvements across physical, psychological, and cognitive domains.
Occupational and Environmental Health At Bouvé, researchers and students are using biomonitoring, social epidemiology, product design, and community research to create healthier environments in homes, workplaces, and communities around the world.
Public Health and Health Equity Equal access to healthcare is undoubtedly one of the most pressing challenges of the 21st century. Interdisciplinary teams of Bouvé faculty, students, and community partners have joined forces to improve racial, socioeconomic, and environmental justice in communities around the world.
Technology and Health In the new age of "precision medicine," Bouvé researchers and students are harnessing the power of big data, mobile applications, virtual reality, robotics, and advanced biosensing to improve health outcomes.
Systems Science and Health To meet the health challenges of the modern world, Bouvé researchers and students study how the complex systems in which we live overlap and affect one another. At Bouvé, teams of interdisciplinary researchers are pioneering big-picture approaches to how politics, culture, and technology interact in the health care realm.

Research from Cells to Society

Research lies at the heart of the Bouvé educational experience. The breadth of Bouvé research is extensive, encompassing study at the cellular level to the global systems that impact health across communities. Its position as the hub of renowned Northeastern engineering, business, law, and science institutions facilitates interdisciplinary research from discovery to implementation. Its extensive strategic partnerships and co-op network with the world’s leading health care systems and research centers in Boston and beyond advancing innovation and ground-breaking outcomes.

Students, as early as their first year, actively participate in the field, labs, and other clinical settings learning front row as discovery happens. Graduate students broaden and deepen their interests and experiences, preparing them for the professional rigors of their respective fields.

Flu season is coming and COVID-19 is still here can disease forecasts tell them apart

Both viruses attack the respiratory system and can have similar symptoms. “Something like this is completely unprecedented,” says Alessandro Vespignani, who directs Northeastern’s Network Science Institute. “Having a major pandemic and then trying to get insight on the seasonal flu—it’s a completely new game.” READ MORE

These professors are forecasting the COVID-19 pandemic and gauging public opinion about it

David Lazer, University Distinguished Professor of political science and computer and information science at Northeastern, asked his colleague Alessandro Vespignani, Sternberg Family Distinguished University Professor of physics, computer science, and health sciences—how bad is COVID-19 really going to be? READ MORE

A COVID-19 vaccine won't mean a swift end for wearing masks or physical distancing

It’s a long process to get a vaccine out to 7.5 billion people, and an even longer one to answer important questions about its efficacy. That’s why Brandon Dionne, an assistant clinical professor of pharmacy and health systems sciences, says in the early stages of a vaccine rollout, “we’re still going to need to use that in conjunction with masks, social distancing, and hand hygiene.” READ MORE

How do COVID-19 vaccines work?

Pfizer says its COVID-19 vaccine is more than 90 percent effective at preventing the disease in Phase 3 clinical trials. But how does it actually prevent infection? Mansoor Amiji, university distinguished professor of pharmaceutical sciences and chemical engineering, explains. READ MORE

Dr. Nicole Laffan helping the hearing-impaired overcome barriers during the COVID-19 pandemic

Individuals with hearing loss may struggle to communicate basic needs at work, with friends and family, or even when ordering a coffee. Add in a global health crisis and the stakes take on a quality of life urgency, says Northeastern audiologist and speech-language pathologist Nicole Laffan. READ MORE

COVID-19 vaccine could revolutionize medicine far beyond the pandemic

Vaccines by pharmaceutical companies Moderna and Pfizer are among the first to prevent COVID-19, but they do so by using a new type of technique involving messenger RNA—a method that, if approved by the Food and Drug Administration as expected, could revolutionize medicine well beyond the pandemic, says Mansoor Amiji, university distinguished professor of pharmaceutical sciences and chemical engineering. READ MORE

Two Bouvé profs among top 1% of researchers worldwide

Two Bouvé professors, both from the School of Pharmacy, rank among the top 1 percent of researchers worldwide based on citations to their work in scholarly publications. Mansoor Amiji made the list for his research on novel drug delivery systems for treating cancer, while Vladimir Torchilin was named for his work on precision drug delivery that reduces side effects of chemotherapy. Six professors from Northeastern made the list. Two Bouvé professors, both from the School of Pharmacy, rank among the top 1 percent of researchers worldwide based on citations to their work in scholarly publications. READ MORE

Undergraduate research changed their outlook on what a nursing career can be

By the end of their second year as undergraduate nursing students, Rachel Solomon and Abigail Caron were presenting their research at a national conference in Seattle. “People at the conference kept asking where we were in grad school, and we kept on telling them, ‘No, we’re sophomores at Northeastern,’” said Caron. Two Bouve College of Health Sciences students READ MORE

Is citizen science the key to environmental justice?

With the EPA under siege and industrial regulation in full retreat, the work of health science professor Sara Wylie has become more relevant than ever. Wylie is a pioneer in the field of citizen science, a movement dedicated to empowering ordinary citizens to conduct environmental monitoring in their communities. Image of oil field at night - citizen science and the environment - northeastern university READ MORE

Looking where others have not

Professor Ganesh Thakur hopes that his new patent will pave the way for new medicines to treat opioid addiction and a host of other diseases. The key, he says, lies in an unexplored portion of the brain receptor that’s activated by marijuana. Pharmacy professor Ganesh Thakur - Bouve College of Health Sciences READ MORE

Professor discovers a way to help premature infants thrive in the hospital

Infants suck more frequently when looking at a picture of a woman’s face—a discovery that could help premature infants improve their feeding skills, according to a new study published by communication sciences professor Emily Zimmerman. Emily Zimmerman - Bouvé College of Health Sciences READ MORE

Meet the Research Administration Team

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Health Science Entrepreneur Program

Philippe Sommer - Entrepreneur in Residence, Bouvé College of Health Sciences Northeastern University

Prior to coming to Northeastern, Philippe Sommer acted as a Mentor and Angel investor to startups in the Charlottesville and Boston areas. Previously, he had been Director of the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership at the University of Virginia’s Darden Business School, where he oversaw entrepreneurship programs, and managed broader educational efforts around innovation and entrepreneurship, including the Incubator and i.Lab. He was a founding partner of WestMed Venture Funds, publicly registered life-sciences venture-capital funds affiliated with CIBC/Oppenheimer, Inc…


Laurie Bishop — Health Science Entrepreneurship

Laurie graduated from Northeastern University with a Mechanical Engineering degree and then earned an MBA from Babson College, focusing on Economics and Entrepreneurship. Laurie worked in Engineering, Project Management and Enterprise Sales at Verizon Communications. After leaving Verizon, she had key roles in startups, small businesses, and non-profits. Laurie comes to us from UMass Lowell, where she worked in New Venture Development on both workforce development projects and the NSF funded I-Corps program as a coordinator and a Mentor.