Bouvé College of Health Sciences


Calling All Changemakers

Every world changing, life-saving breakthrough started in the mind of an original thinker. Someone who refused to accept what was, and instead relentlessly chased the potential of what could be.

Since its inception in 1964 as a prestigious women’s college of physical education and physical therapy, Bouvé College of Health Sciences has evolved into one of the premiere health science institutions in the country. The goal — attracting change agents, bring them together, and show them the world — so they can understand how to change it for the better.

From local to global scales, new health challenges will always be emerging, we’re developing the minds who will meet them head on.

What happens here,
changes everything out there.

Whether your passion is community health or shaping future healthcare policy at the national level, Bouvé equips students across our degrees with the tools, experience and professional network to make real change.

Healthcare technology is developing at a rapid rate worldwide. But at our core, we’re still humans treating humans. When we see the whole person, not the patient, we create lasting health. That philosophy drives all that we do and is a foundational pillar to the student experience at Bouvé.

Healthcare challenges at every level can benefit from a global perspective. We give our students the keys to the world through global studies, co-op and real practical work experience, because what they bring back in return might just be the keys to unlock everything.

Here at Bouvé we take a radically different approach to teaching healthcare. As a result, we’re developing rule breaking game changers across every level of the global health community. These are their stories.

Our Philosophy

No matter where a student chooses to get their education, they’ll likely be taught that nothing is more important than hands-on experience, especially in the field of healthcare.

But at Bouvé, ‘hands-on experience’ only scratches the surface of what’s possible. We believe fostering true agents of change means acting as one ourselves, by offering experiential, co-op, and transdisciplinary learning opportunities — from day one.

No other health sciences college offers what we do, so it’s no surprise that attracts one-of-a-kind talent to our doorstep.

Our Philosophy


Advancing health for everyone across the healthspan – from campus to community; from cells to society; from local engagement to global impact.


To be the leader in shaping and driving the transformation of healthcare to healthspan. This vision challenges the traditional healthcare system which is based on sickness and treating the sick. By contrast, healthspan focuses on prolonging and advancing quality of life throughout one’s lifetime despite risk factors, disease and disability.

Our vision is timely given the disruption occurring within the healthcare industry resulting from innovative digital technologies and the rise of precision medicine – which is personalized care based on the interplay of people’s biology, lifestyle and environment.

In order to achieve our vision, we have established the below strategic priorities that harness the power of Northeastern and leverage the expertise of our licensed clinical and public health faculty, who are in tune with reality because of their work in hospitals, clinics, schools, home and community-based settings. Their practice informs teaching, research and innovation.

Core Values

Foster inclusion, diversity, equity and respect

Create a healthy and resilient community

Demonstrate excellence in education, research and practice

Lead interprofessional experiential learning

Accelerate discovery and innovation

Empower individuals, communities and populations

Collaborate across the network

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Meet the Dean

Dr. Carmen Sceppa, MD, PhD, FGSA

Dr. Carmen Sceppa is a physician and nutrition scientist specializing in advancing and prolonging health across the healthspan — focusing her research on developing and testing lifestyle interventions to promote healthy aging and quality of life.

Dr. Sceppa has taught at Northeastern University since 2008 and has served in a series of leadership roles. She was named Dean of Bouvé College in 2019.

Bouvé College Senior Leadership

Tatiana Bronich


Associate Dean, Bouvé College of Health Sciences; Dean, School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences; Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Science Pharmaceutical Sciences

Amanda Choflet


Dean, School of Nursing; Assistant Dean, School of Nursing Graduate Programs; Associate Clinical Professor Nursing

Margarita DiVall


Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; Clinical Professor, Pharmacy and Health Systems Science

Trenton Honda


Associate Dean, School of Clinical and Rehabilitation Sciences; Clinical Professor
Medical Sciences

Jennifer Kirwin


Senior Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Clinical Professor Pharmacy and Health Systems Science

Roy Schifilliti


Senior Associate Dean of Administration and Finance

Eugene Tunik


Associate Dean of Research and Innovation; Professor Physical Therapy, Human Movement, and Rehabilitation Sciences

Jennifer Kirwin


Senior Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Clinical Professor Pharmacy and Health Systems Science

Caroline Hewitt


Assistant Dean for Clinical and Experiential Education, Clinical Professor School of Nursing

Jamie Musler


Director, Interprofessional Medical Simulation & The Arnold S. Goldstein Simulation Labs

Sam Scott


Simulation Education Technologist

Victoria Wallace

Senior Director of Curriculum Design and Assessment

Office of Student Services

Cortney Alexander-Doyle

Assistant Dean of Student Services Office of Student Services

Lance Faria

Assistant Director of Network Advising and Special Programs Office of Student Services

Dylan Gay

Academic Advisor Office of Student Services

Abi Javier

Academic Advisor; Equity and Inclusion Lead for the Office of Student Services Office of Student Services

Shaina Kaplan

Academic Advisor Office of Student Services

Tia Keck

Senior Academic Advisor, ABSN Program, Charlotte Campus Office of Student Services

Hannah Poirier


Associate Director of Undergraduate Academic Advising Office of Student Services

Sheila Pollard

Academic Advisor Office of Student Services

James Polo-Lossius

Student Services and Data Manager Office of Student Services

Will Rangel

Academic Advisor Office of Student Services

Oana Sambeteanu

Associate Director of Graduate Advising Office of Student Services

Alby Mendez

Director of Major Gifts School of Clinical and Rehabilitation Sciences

Latania Milner

Senior Development Associate

Development Operations and Logistics

Ilira I. Grilli

Director of Graduate Enrollment Management

Melissa Hagerstrom

Director of Undergraduate Enrollment Management

Andrew Merritt

Associate Director of Enrollment Communications and Marketing

Maira Avila

Customer Service Representative

Timothy Milliken

Graduate Administration Coordinator

Roy Schifilliti


Senior Associate Dean of Administration and Finance

Jasmine Perez

Executive Assistant

Sakeena Shearer

Administrative Coordinator

Dan Tuberty

Director of Space Planning and Safety; Senior Capital Projects Manager

Macy Corica

Senior Writer and Communication Associate

Deirdre Ni Chonaill

Senior Web Developer and Designer