Experiential Learning


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The World as your classroom

Bouvé gives students the opportunity to gain hands-on and paid experience as a core part of their education. By connecting students directly with industry professionals, Bouvé’s experiential approach — including co-op, student research, service learning, and global learning — breaks down the barrier between class and career, and gives them both the knowledge and confidence they need to take action.

Knowing what you’re working toward, and having the opportunity to do so in some of the world’s best hospitals and healthcare settings, empowers you to create real change.

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co-op partners


healthcare affiliations

1 million

clinical experiential hours annually

2-4 million

patient/person interactions a year

Experience at every step

The 200+ professional employment location opportunities offered to students from day-one makes the Bouvé experience different from almost any other program.

Here, students embark on professional opportunities and bring them back into the classroom, so what students gain from both the curriculum and the real world is more than knowledge and professional connections, it’s the invaluable experience that will help you to carve your own path toward a better future for all.

It’s not just our students who benefit from the Bouvé experience. It’s the growing number of communities in which we teach, learn, and support from the ground up.

With connections to over 150 community partners every semester, students are able to experience healthcare challenges firsthand. It’s that deeper understanding that helps propel all students to greater heights in their healthcare journeys and pushes them to create a lasting impact beyond their time at Bouvé.

At Bouvé, the most groundbreaking, world-changing health advancements begin at the cellular level. That’s because we redefine what a classroom is — bringing learning into labs and clinical opportunities as soon as possible — because what our students learn here will help them to change everything out there.

Innovation at Bouvé goes well beyond the traditionally defined bounds of healthcare—it intersects with industries like business, finance, entrepreneurship, and more.

With support that has helped to launch 408+ student-made businesses, entrepreneurs are empowered to connect with an equally ambitious community to bring their ideas beyond the classroom.

Video: Experiential learning in the classroom

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A Closer Look at Co-op

Students should never be surprised by the world that awaits them after graduation. That’s why our co-op program offers students connections, experience, and even employment opportunities from the 200+ employers and companies that partner with Bouvé.

Over the course of their six month placements, students are able to do real work in their chosen field. Whether they wish to pursue that further or opt to build something new, co-op empowers them to take charge of their careers from the start.

What comes next?

The final stage of the Bouvé experience is when students return to the place where they started. They take everything they’ve gained from their education — faculty mentors, employment connections, real-world and global experience — and give it back to the communities that inspired them.

That’s the cycle that has helped us to make an impact on communities for over 100 years, and it’s the reason our students leave with a legacy under their belt, and the ambition to do more.

Real-World Experience