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Engaging with the World

Bouvé is committed to providing opportunities for students to engage with interconnected, diverse communities and public health issues around the world.

It is critical that future healthcare clinicians, policymakers, researchers, and technologists cultivate a high level of cultural agility.

Faculty deeply engage in international health — teaching, researching, and collaborating with colleagues in the U.S. and abroad to address the most persistent public health challenges in the world today.

Curricula across disciplines are developed to ensure students gain the needed knowledge and skills consistent with a view of patients as complex individual with unique needs.

Additionally, Bouvé students participate in co-ops and service learning programs around the world. These global opportunities include:

  • Six-month employment opportunities through the university’s signature Cooperative Education (Co-op) program
  • One-month experiential courses known as Dialogue of Civilizations
  • And one-week service learning projects through the Alternative Spring Break program.

Student researchers went to Kenya to find ways to prevent one of the world’s most deadly tropical disease

Both health science majors, Kennedy and O’Brien lived and worked together during their five months in Kenya, dividing their time between field research in Baringo County and academic projects in Nairobi.

STUDENT spotlight

People in Ghana are very tied to traditional medicine, and many are hesitant to embrace Western medicine.

Zoe Harris, HS’20

traditional dance | ghana