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Maria Catrina Jaime


Affiliate Faculty

Health Sciences


Maria Catrina D. Jaime was born in Manila, Philippines and immigrated to the Bay Area during her childhood. Dr. Jaime’s scholarly and professional experience spans over 15 years, conducting research and implementation of R01 community-, school- and clinically-based sexual and reproductive health and violence prevention interventions. As a faculty and program head at Mills College, Oakland campus, Dr. Jaime has been involved in teaching, conducting student-led and community-based research, engaging in collaborative community partnerships, and leading program development in public health and interdisciplinary undergraduate programs. Dr. Jaime’s current research includes various social justice research topics, including the development of an undergraduate doula training course, evaluation of the impacts of social determinants of health among low-resourced communities, promotion of Black wellness and anti-racism in the classroom, and improving the health and well-being of adolescents and young adults who have been marginalized.