Bouvé researchers awarded seed grants through Northeastern, University College Dublin partnership

    Research Development and Innovation


    What we do

    The Research Development (RD) team assists partners with Bouvé leadership, faculty, and researchers during the planning and ideation stages for research projects, before pre-award administration activities are initiated. RD is often considered pre-pre award. We work closely with the Research Administration, Biostatistics Research Center, and Health Sciences Entrepreneurship teams.

    Research and Development’s Role in the Research Lifecycle

    Route for Review
    and Submission
    Set Up
    Close Out

    Includes government affairs, corporations and foundations
    College Grant Administrator (BCORe)
    NU Pre-Award
    NU-RES Grant Officer
    College Financial Analyst (BCORe)
    NU Post-Award
    NU RES Grant Officer
    NU Post-Award
    Research Finance

    RD Support and Services

    The Research Development (RD) team assists Bouvé faculty in identifying suitable funding opportunities, including internal (TIER) funding. We offer workshops and training materials for competitive research proposals.

    Research Development provides Early Career Support to faculty through a number of initiatives including:

    • New faculty meetings to discuss research goals and other potential resources/collaborators
    • Facilitating community research partnerships
    • Training sessions and coordinated review process for CAREER awards
    • K-Club for faculty working on NIH K awards

    RD also manages limited submission funding opportunities with in-house review and approval along with the Sr. Vice Provost for Research.

    Research Development Overview

    01. Strategic Research Advancement

    • Collaborate to identify institutional research priorities
    • Offer strategic advice and grant seeking support to faculty
    • Evaluate reviews from unfunded grant proposals and recalibrate to strategize next steps
    • Facilitate intra-and inter-campus collaborations to ensure faculty have proposal development resources and info
    • Curate proposal-related programs and trainings
    • Connect PIs with relevant agency Program Officers

    02. Research Opportunity Communications

    • Manage marketing of research opportunities (e.g., websites, grant getting offerings)
    • Disseminate grant opportunities and proposal development tools
    • Run curated and targeted funding searches

    03. Team Building — Strengthening Collaborations

    • Proffer strategic advice for proposal team development
    • Convene and coordinate research interest groups
    • Work with large interdisciplinary research teams
    • Catalyze new, cross-disciplinary research initiatives
    • Develop and coordinate resources and tools to promote collaboration

    04. Proposal Development

    • Work with investigators to refine grant writing skills
    • Developmentally edit proposal drafts, comment on narrative response to solicitation
    • Coordinate institutional support requests for narrative development (e.g., obtaining institutional data, BI Toolkit)
    • Individual and team faculty consultations to support narrative development
    • Develop templates, blueprints, and boilerplate language for proposal components (e.g., institutional mission, regional information)

    Additional RD Support

    Early Career Support

    Curation and targeted dissemination of early career opportunities

    • New faculty meetings to discuss research goals and introduce RD, Advancement, and other potential resources/collaborators
    • Runway to Broader Impacts – facilitating community research partnerships
    • NSF CAREER Awards: Training sessions and coordinated review process for submissions
    • NIH K Awards: Establishing K-Club for eligible faculty

    Faculty Training and Events

    Curated faculty training and other informational events

    Recent Workshops

    • Funding for Commercialization
    • Introduction to NSF 101
    • Introduction to K Awards (3-part series)
    • Runway to Broader Impacts Peer Learning Groups
    • Training Grants Workshop
    • Equipment Grants Workshop
    • Center Grants Workshop

    Limited Submissions

    When an opportunity is “limited” it means the sponsor places a limit on the number of proposals each institution may submit. Central Research Development (ResDev) administers the limited submissions review and approval process for the Sr. Vice Provost for Research. We work with applicants to help them craft the strongest proposal possible.

    If you become aware of a funding opportunity with limited submission requirements that is not listed, contact us at: [email protected].

    Visit our internal database to review Limited Submission funding opportunities and Limited Submissions Funding Announcements Archive.

    Bouvé Research Development
    and Innovation Team

    We’re here to help.

    Eugene Buff

    MD, PhD

    Director of Health Sciences Entrepreneurship and Innovation Health Sciences Entrepreneurship

    Hilary Prosnitz


    Director of Research Development, Institute for Experiential AI, Northeastern University at Charlotte, NC campus

    Eugene Tunik


    Associate Dean of Research and Innovation; Professor Physical Therapy, Human Movement, and Rehabilitation Sciences