Neha Singh, Northeastern University

Neha Singh


Biostatistician, Population Health PhD Candidate


Neha Singh received her BA in Psychology from Hunter College, City University of New York, and Master of Science in Applied Statistics with a concentration in Biostatistics from DePaul University in Chicago. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Population Health at Northeastern University

She previously served as a Biostatistician at various healthcare and academic institutions, where she worked as a Statistician on various Emergency Medicine, Pathology and Pharmacy research projects. Neha has served as a statistician on various clinical research projects to assist in sample size calculation, research study protocol submissions for IRB and data analysis. She has also offered various statistical informational workshops/ seminars for additional support.

She is familiar with statistical software tools such as SAS, R, Python, G*Power, and GraphPad Prism, and is able to provide assistance with clinical trial designs, data management, data analysis, data visualization, power/sample size calculations, and related needs.  

She has established a Biostatistics core at Bouvé and liaising with the Tufts CTSI biostatistics network and global network at NU, to serve the biostatistical needs of the NU research community.