Bouvé researchers awarded TIER 1 grants

Congratulations to our Bouvé College colleagues who were awarded FY25 Tier 1 grants.

This competitive program provides funds to support and encourage individual faculty members to form multidisciplinary teams to secure proof of concept, with a goal of successfully competing for future external sponsored research opportunities.

We look forward to seeing how these pilot projects evolve into successful and impactful future awards:

Mentored Award: Nanoparticle functionalized bioactive peptide for the resolution of inflammation

Emeka Okeke (Biology), Mansoor Amiji (Pharmaceutical Sciences/Chemical Engineering)

Mentored Award: Improving Health Sciences Education with Virtual Reality: Investigating Interactivity and Learning

Eileen McGivney (Art+Design, Communication Studies), Heidi Cheerman (Physical Therapy), Leanne Chukoskie (Physical Therapy/Games Program)

Mental Health Needs Assessment of Punk, Hardcore, Emo, and Metal Communities

Andrew Mall (Music), Christie Rizzo (Applied Psychology)

Development and Evaluation of a Prostate Cancer Diagnosis AI-based tool and a Scanned Prostate Cancer Specimen Dataset

Saeed Amal (Roux), Eugene Tunik (Physical Therapy, IEAI)

Health at All Scales: Innovating a Multi-modal Rural Healthcare System

Sara Carr (Architecture), Katherine Simmonds (Nursing, Roux), Michael Arnold Mages (Art+Design), Susan Mello (Communication Studies), Tiana Yom(SPPUA/Health Sciences)

Advancing social media measurement to predict adolescent mental health

Varun Mishra (Computer Science, Health Sciences), Alexandra Rodman (Psychology)

Implementation of 3D Tissue Chip Platforms for Examining Non-ionizing Radiation Effects

Nick Bryden (KRI), Tania Konry (Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Learn more about the TIER 1 grants here.