Bouvé Health Equity Interns Present Research at 2024 RISE Expo

Health Equity Interns from Bouvé College’s Institute for Health Equity and Social Justice Research presented their research and creative projects at the 2024 RISE Expo.

Northeastern’s RISE, Research, Innovation, Scholarship, Entrepreneurship, allows undergraduate and graduate students to share their work and present live alongside their research mentor.

“I am proud and excited to highlight the terrific work our Health Equity Interns (HEIs) in the Institute for Health Equity and Social Justice Research (IHESJR) are presenting at RISE today. This work is possible through the institute’s leadership, faculty/staff-student mentorship, faculty scholars, community partners, and a robust network committed to advancing NU’s mission,” said Carmen Sceppa, MD, PhD, FGSA, Dean, Bouvé College of Health Sciences.

Congratulations to all who presented at this year’s RISE Expo:

Presenter: Ashley Varghese
Research Mentor: N/A
Poster Title: “The Effects of Context on Sociability in the BTBR Mice”
Poster Number: 44

Presenter: Alyxandria Carmichael
Research Mentor: Amanda Choflet
Poster Title: “Determining Quality Outcomes for a Community Health Worker Program in Guatemala”
Poster Number: 194

Presenters: Avery Melam, Chloe Strawn, and Ariana Bhimani
Research Mentor: Dr. Lorna Hayward
Poster Title: “Adaptive Sport Involvement by Adults with Disabilities: Experiences, Fitness, and Health Outcomes”
Poster Number: 232

Presenters: Sowon Park and Jacqueline Kieran
Research Mentor: Dr. Aleksandra Jakubowski
Poster Title: “How Do Adolescents Learn About Sexual Health?”
Poster Number: 11

Presenters: Brandon Nguyen and Jasminder Sarkaria
Research Mentor: Dr. Katherine Hazen
Poster Title: “ACE Knowledge and Help-Seeking Behavior in Sacramento County: Implications for Community Intervention”
Poster Number: 467

Presenter: Mitchell Goldberg
Research Mentor: Dr. Emily Mann
Poster Title: “Evaluating Harm Reduction Training Programs in Schools of Social Work: Connection to Healthcare”
Poster Number: 385

Presenter: Vivian Lin
Research Mentor: Dr. Nasim Ferdows
Poster Title: “Comparing Rural and Urban Stroke Mortality: Unveiling the Impact of COVID-19”
Poster Number: 395

Presenter: Timothy Martin
Research Mentor: Miki Hong
Poster Title: “Tobacco Control: Marrying Public Health and Urban Planning”
Poster Number: 411

Presenter: Riven Gao
Research Mentor: Dr. Chieh Li
Poster Title: “Cultural Analysis of Meditation Music for Asian/Asian-American Students”
Poster Number: 408

Presenter: Lucy Ly
Research Mentor: Dr. Shan Mohammed
Poster Title: “The importance on students belongings in first year seminar”
Poster Number: 69

Presenter: Vivian Zhao
Research Mentor: Dr. Sara Carr
Poster Title: “Historic Epidemics: Cholera in 19th-Century New York City”
Poster Number: 191

Presenter: Savion Thompson
Research Mentor: Dr. Shan Mohammed
Poster Title: “A Student’s Sense of Belonging: Introductory Weeks of College”
Poster Number: 203

Presenter: Anna Gorham
Research Mentor: Dr. Danielle Crookes
Poster Title: “Comparing 287(g) Policy Enactment and Enforcement in the United States”
Poster Number: 518

Presenters: Rosa Hahn and Helen Ji
Research Mentors: Dr. Beth Molnar, Daphney Mirand, and Megan Souza
Poster Title: “Integration of Early Childhood Mental Health into the Child Welfare System”
Poster Number: 526

Student: Chloe Mak
Research Advisor: Dr. Alisa Lincoln
Title: “Public Demands versus Accessibility of Mental Healthcare: A Community-Driven Evaluation of ACEs”
Poster number: 536

Presenter: Krista Caasi (former HEI)
Research Mentor: Dr. Tiana Yom
Poster Title: “Bilingual Evaluation of an Intergenerational Technology Education Program in Boston”
Poster Number: 233

Presenter: Benjamin Orbach
Research Mentor: Dr. Aleksandra Jakubowski
Poster Title: “State Level Attributes Associated with Variation in Adolescent Birth Rates”
Poster Number: 54

Presenters: Madison Haywood, Krystal Abbott, and Joud Rai
Research Mentors: Dr. Katherine Hazen and Elaine Marshall
Poster Titles: “Educating the Judiciary on Social Drivers of Health: Program Evaluation” (in-person) and “Intergenerational Mentorship in Evaluating a Judicial Program” (virtual)
Poster Number: 142

Presenter: Fiona Wallace
Research Mentor: Dr. Aleksandra Jakubowski
Poster Title: “Impact of Adolescent Pregnancy on Socioeconomic Functioning in Western Kenya”
Poster Number: 326

Presenter: Laysa Dutta
Research Mentor: Dr. Idia Thurston
Poster Title: “Impact of Concordance Between Parent-Child Dyads on Reports of Youth Social Competence”
Poster Number: 310

Presenter: Sophie Dugré
Research Mentor: Dr. Shan Mohammed
Poster Title: “Implicit Bias in Healthcare: Interventions to Promote Health Equity”
Poster Number: 275

Presenter: Prachi Thakur
Research Mentor: Dr. Shan Mohammed
Poster Title: “Mitigating Barriers to Health Equity for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Patients”
Poster Number: 377

Presenter: Noah Brenman
Research Mentor: Dr. Nasim Ferdows
Poster Title: “Dementia Disparity: A Rural Analysis”
Poster Number: 245

Presenters: Srinithya Panamgipalli and Christina Anurum-Anyanwu
Research Mentor: Dr. Nasim Ferdows
Poster Title: “Access, Quality, and Care: An Analysis of Social Disparity in Time-Sensitive Conditions”
Poster Number: 148

Presenters: Katherine O’Brien and Julia Papasodoro
Research Mentor: Dr. John Olawepo
Poster Title: “The Links between HIV, Climate Change, and Sexual and Gender Minority Populations”
Poster Number: 94