Tatiana Bronich


Associate Dean, Bouvé College of Health Sciences; Dean, School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences; Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Science

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Research Interests

Drug delivery, nanomedicine, polymer therapeutics


Dr. Tatiana Bronich is a trained polymer chemist with an expertise in the areas of material science, drug delivery and nanomedicine. Her research is at the interfaces of polymer, colloidal and life sciences. Her major scientific contributions are in the areas of synthetic and biological macromolecules, polymer micelles and complexes, and drug delivery systems. Of special interest is the design and study of novel types of bio-functional nanostructures utilizing a combination of supramolecular assembly and covalent chemical reactions, and application of these materials in drug delivery to treat cancer and infectious diseases.

Selected Publications

Lei F, Xi X, Rachagani S, Seshacharyulu P, Talmon GA, Ponnusamy MP, Batra SK, Bronich TK. (2021) Nanoscale platform for delivery of active IRINOX to combat pancreatic cancer. J Control Release, 330:1229-1243.

Poelaert BJ, Romanova S, Knoche SM, Olson MT, Sliker BH, Smits K, Dickey BL, Moffitt-Holida AEJ, Goetz BT, Khan N, Smith L, Band H, Mohs AM, Coulter DW, Bronich TK, Solheim JC. (2020) Nanoformulation of CCL21 greatly increases its effectiveness as an immunotherapy for neuroblastoma. J Control Release, 327: 266-283.

Liu T, Romanova S, Wang S, Hyun MA, Zhang C, Cohen SM, Singh RK, Bronich TK. (2019) Alendronate-modified polymeric micelles for the treatment of breast cancer bone metastasis. Mol Pharm, 16(7):2872-2883.

Kevadiya BD, Ottemann BM, Thomas MB, Mukadam I, Nigam S, McMillan J, Gorantla S, Bronich TK, Edagwa B, Gendelman HE. (2018) Neurotheranostics as personalized medicines. Adv Drug Deliv Rev, 148, 252-289.

Soni KS, Desale SS, Bronich TK. (2016) Nanogels: an overview of properties, biomedical applications and obstacles to clinical translation. J Control Release, 240: 109 – 26.