Achieving healthspan: Our quest to transform the public health landscape

At Bouvé College, we talk at length about improving the healthspan for all, but what does that mean and is it an attainable goal? 

Different from lifespan, the length of time for which a person lives, a person’s healthspan is the period of one’s life that they’re considered healthy. This is so important because healthspan focuses on taking care of yourself to not only extend the years a person lives, but to ensure as many of those years are as healthy as possible.  

A large part of the idea of healthspan – and a core piece of Bouvé College’s mission – is arming people with the knowledge they need to make a difference. Our faculty experts, students, and alums are the change agents and skilled professionals who are constantly working to empower individuals and their families and communities to take hold of their health and move from a reactive to a proactive approach. 

Imagine a world less reliant on hospitals and acute care. A world where primary prevention is the norm where people live, learn, work, and play. Where humanity, technology, and data intersect to empower the health of communities and populations. Where research, learning, and innovation advance prevention through evidence-based research and policy. Bouve’s mission is precisely this – to transform the public health and healthcare landscape to enable everyone to lead healthier lives and achieve their healthspan. 

Working toward advances like these requires tireless attention and innovation and this is where Northeastern’s unique learning model sets us apart from the rest. Our experiential education and interdisciplinary research advance knowledge and allow us to think globally. Our students are embedded in real-world context with the opportunity to experience, explore, and apply. Working and learning from experts in the field, our students are going to leave their college experience ready to address society’s most pressing challenges and provide impactful solutions for years to come.  

This is the first post in our new blog series by Bouvé College Dean Carmen Sceppa. Stay tuned for more.