Trenton Honda, Northeastern University

Trenton Honda


Associate Dean, School of Clinical and Rehabilitation Sciences; Clinical Professor

Medical Sciences

Research Interests

Air pollution, cardiovascular disease, environmental epidemiology


Dr. Trenton Honda is an environmental epidemiologist and physician assistant educator. Within environmental epidemiology, his work focuses on identifying and quantifying the health effects of environmental exposures such as air pollution, temperature, and the built environment. Within biomedical education, he regularly publishes and presents on student and program evaluation, application of quantitative methods in biomedical education research, and disparities in physician assistant education.

Dr. Honda has a long history of successful graduate-level teaching in human physiology, human anatomy (with cadaver lab), and research design. His clinical background includes many years of primary care and occupational medicine in underserved communities.

Selected Publications

Honda, T.*, Pun, V., Manjourides, J., Suh, H. Anemia Prevalence and Hemoglobin Levels are Associated with Long-Term Exposure to Air Pollution in an Older Population. Environment International (2017).

Honda, T.*, Eliot, M., Eaton, C. B., Mu, L., Suh, H., Szpiro, A., Kaufman, J., Vedal, S., Whitsel, E., Wellenius, G. A. Long-term exposure to residential ambient fine and coarse particulate matter and incident hypertension in post-menopausal women. Environment International (2017).

Yuen, C., Honda, T. Predicting Physician Assistant Program Matriculation Among Diverse Applicants: The Influences of Underrepresented Minority Status, Age, and Gender. Academic Medicine (2019). doi: 10.1097/ACM.0000000000002717

Honda, T.*, Pun, V., Manjourides, J., Suh, H. Daily ambient temperature is associated with biomarkers of kidney injury in Older Americans. Environmental Research (2019).

Honda, T.*, Henry,T., Mandel, E., Quella, A., Rodríguez, José E., Najmabadi, S., Valentin, V. Maximizing Black Applicant Matriculation in U.S. PA Programs: Associations Between the Number of Submitted Applications and Likelihood of Matriculation. BMC Medical Education (2021).