Pharmacy Fellowships

Alnylam Pharmaceuticals and Northeastern University PharmD Fellowship Program

Three years ago, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals partnered with Northeastern University to become the first Fellowship Program at a pre-commercial company.  Since its inception, the Program has grown and continues to be an integral asset to all stakeholders.  For the 2018-2020 recruitment cycle, the Fellowship Program proudly offers four 2-year positions in the following expertise areas:  Medical Affairs, Medical Information, Value and Evidence Strategy/Health Economics and Outcomes Research (VESt/HEOR), and Regulatory Affairs.  The first year, Fellows customize their experience with individualized elective rotations throughout various groups at Alnylam while remaining a vital member in their core expertise area.  In the second year, Fellows focus on their primary function.  Throughout the two years, Fellows also have responsibilities at Northeastern University, such as teaching PharmD students and participating in longitudinal research with faculty.

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The 2018 – 2020 Fellowship Program is now recruiting one fellow for each of the following four positions.  (Applications links will be available on 9/18/17)  Final deadline is December 1, 2017:  

Medical Affairs Fellow

Medical Information Fellow

Value and Evidence Strategy/Health Economics and Outcomes Research (VESt/HEOR) Fellow

Regulatory Affairs Fellow

Critical Care Fellowship

Under the direction of Dr. John Devlin, and in collaboration with Tufts Medical Center in Boston, the critical care fellowship at Northeastern University provides the ICU pharmacist with the skills to be able to answer pharmacotherapy-related questions posed in clinical practice through the design, implementation and and evaluation of methodologically-sound studies.