Health Sciences Entrepreneurship Minor


Drive innovation.
Be the change in healthcare.

The Health Sciences Entrepreneurship minor offers students in-depth knowledge and practical skills at the intersection of entrepreneurship and the health sciences field. This interdisciplinary program is designed to equip students with the tools and mindset necessary to drive innovation, develop sustainable healthcare ventures, and address emerging challenges in the healthcare industry.

Throughout the minor, students will explore the unique opportunities and complexities associated with starting and managing businesses in healthcare.

You will gain a comprehensive understanding of:

  • Entrepreneurship principles
  • Business development strategies
  • The specific dynamics of the healthcare landscape

By combining theoretical knowledge with hands-on experiences, students will develop the skills and attitude required to identify unmet needs, create viable solutions, and navigate the regulatory and ethical considerations that shape the healthcare industry.

The Health Sciences Entrepreneurship minor is designed to complement a range of majors within the health sciences field, including:

  • Healthcare administration
  • Biomedical sciences
  • Nursing
  • Public health, and related disciplines

It prepares students to pursue careers as:

  • Healthcare entrepreneurs
  • Intrapreneurs within existing healthcare organizations
  • Consultants
  • Leaders driving innovation and change in the healthcare industry

By completing the Health Sciences Entrepreneurship minor, you’ll emerge with a unique skill set that combines entrepreneurial thinking, healthcare expertise, and business acumen, positioning you to make a positive impact on healthcare delivery, patient outcomes, and the future of the healthcare industry.

Program Requirements

The minor consists of three required courses and one elective course. Up to two courses from other major and minor requirements may apply to this minor.

Students are required to have an overall grade-point average of 2.000 or higher. 

Sample Curriculum

Curriculum subject to change.
For most up-to-date information please refer to the university’s academic catalog.

Admissions Requirements

Students in good academic standing (minimum 2.0 GPA overall) may fill out the form below and declare the Health Sciences Entrepreneurship Minor.

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