Professor Tali Konry — Northeastern University

Tali Konry


Associate Professor; Assistant Dean of Research

Pharmaceutical Sciences


Dr. Konry’s  biomedical research is transforming our understanding of cellular responses to therapies through innovative lab-on-a-chip single cell and tissue-chip technologies. Her mission is to create and lead the next revolution in precision-based cancer treatment by providing patients with another chance at life. Recognized as a Phase 1 Finalist of the Follow That Cell Challenge/NIH and featured in GEN magazine, her work has garnered accolades, including the Biosciences Immunology Research award from Becton Dickinson and the Schumacher Faculty Award/NEU. Dr. Konry’s research, distinguished by a nomination for the SLAS Innovation Award, has received substantial support, including NIH (R01, R33, U54, and R21), NSF/CBET, American Heart Association (AHA), NSF/ CBET and the prestigious iDEA award from Sanofi grants. Her collaborative endeavors, funded by prestigious organizations such as DFCI/NEU Joint Program in Cancer Drug Development and Tier 1/NEU, highlight the impactful nature of her contributions. In response to the pressing needs of our time, Dr. Konry’s lab has developed a cutting-edge point-of-care technology for COVID-19 diagnostics and DNA/RNA analysis. This innovative work has received support from CTSI Tufts, which was awarded with Radx phase 0, and Radx Next/CIMIT grants under the Radx NIH program. Dr. Konry possesses numerous intellectual properties in the realms of single-cell analysis, organoids, and cell therapy developments. Link to Konry lab