Global Health Minor

The area of global health has become a critical field of study across and within diverse disciplines because of the cross-border and cross-national implications of health-related risks for national security, commerce, transportation and healthcare delivery itself.

In collaboration with the College of Social Sciences and Humanities, the minor in Global Health is designed to provide undergraduate students an opportunity to explore and discuss the implications with an interdisciplinary lens.

The minor is comprised of five courses, two of which are foundation and core courses, three electives, and a global health experience to be approved by the Global Health minor advisor.

Program of Studies

All coursework must be completed at a minimum grade of B and courses may not be taken Pass/Fail.


Select one. If both are taken, one may be used as an elective.

  • AFRS 1270 Introduction to Global Health OR 1270 Introduction to Global Health


Select one. If more than one is taken, they may be used for electives.

  • AFRS 3424 Epidemiology of Pandemic Diseases & Health Disparities in the African Disapora
  • PHTH 4120 Global Perspectives on Discrimination and Health
  • PHTH 5230 Global Health


Three courses are required.

  1. No more than two courses from any area may count toward the minor electives.
  2. No more than two required courses in the student’s major may count toward the minor electives.
  3. At least one of the minor electives must be at the 3000-level or above.

Area 1: Community and Public Health

  • AFRS 4939 Community Health, Culture, and Development in Kenya (Dialogue of Civilizations only)
  • CAEP 2050 Health Systems, Services, and Education in Ghana (Dialogue of Civilizations only)
  • ENVR 1110 Global Climate Change
  • PHTH 1261 Comparative Healthcare Systems (Dialogue of Civilizations only)
  • PHTH 2301 Communication Skills for the Health Professions—Global (Dialogue of Civilizations only)
  • PHTH 2350 Community and Public Health OR PHTH 2351 Community and Public Health – Global OR NRSG 4604 Public Health Community Nursing
  • PHTH 4202 Principles of Epidemiology in Medicine and Public Health OR PHTH 5202 Introduction to Epidemiology
  • PHTH 4540 Health Education and Program Planning

Area 2: Biology of Health and Disease

  • BIOL 1141 Microbes and Society
  • BIOL 1143 Biology and Society
  • BIOL 2327 Human Parasitology
  • EEMB 3466 Disease Ecology

Area 3: Society and Cultural Health / Area Studies

  • AFRS 2900 Swahili, Culture, and Politics in Kenya (Dialogue of Civilizations only)
  • ANTH 4350 Ethnography of Southeast Asia
  • ANTH 4510 Anthropology of Africa
  • ANTH 4515 Culture and Politics in Modern India
  • ECON 1230 Healthcare and Medical Economics
  • HIST 2233 The History of Medicine in North America
  • LACS 1220 Latino, Latin American, and Caribbean Studies
  • PHIL 1165 Moral and Social Problems in Healthcare

Area 4: Globalization and Development

  • CRIM 1400 Human Trafficking
  • ECON 1291 Development Economics
  • ECON 3404 International Food Policy
  • ECON 3413 Health Economics and Healthcare Policy
  • ECON 3416 Behavioral Economics
  • ECON 5292 Gender and Development Economics
  • HLTH 2100 Interprofessional Ethics for Individual and Population Health<
  • INTL 1101 Globalization and International Affairs
  • POLS 1160 International Relations


One is required, to be approved by Global Health minor advisor.


  • International Co-op with substantive health content
  • Dialogues of Civilization with substantive health content
  • Experience with an NGO or other organization, either in the US or abroad, that addresses global health

Comparative Healthcare Systems and Communications – London Dialogue
Global Health, Development, Culture and Swahili – Kenya Dialogue


Competency in language other than English

Admissions Requirements

Students in good academic standing (minimum 3.0 GPA overall) may fill out the form below and declare the Global Health Minor. Once students have completed one of the prerequisite courses listed above with a minimum grade of B, they will be officially admitted into the global health minor.

Complete the form below to declare a Global Health Minor.

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Contact Information

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