Exercise Science Minor

The Exercise Science minor is for undergraduate students from any major in Bouvé College of Health Sciences as well as students in other colleges in the University wishing to expand their understanding of the role of exercise. Bouvé students would be able to apply their physiology knowledge to understand the muscular, neuromuscular, cardiovascular, ventilatory, endocrine, and metabolic responses to acute exercise and the physiological adaptations to chronic exercise and physical activity. Understanding of the effects of exercise on the human body might be of interest to the Biology major. An understanding of the body’s responses to exercise may be useful for engineering students interested in future careers in Bioengineering. Undergraduate students from many disciplines could broaden their understanding of human body and the role of exercise and physical activity in cardiovascular and musculoskeletal function improvement, disease prevention and rehabilitation with a minor in exercise science.

Program of Studies

Required Core Courses:

The minor will consist of 5 courses or 15 SH plus 6 SH (option 1) and 7 SH (option 2)

  • BIO1117/1118 Integrated Anatomy and Physiology 1 with lab 5 SH
  • BIO1119/1120 Integrated Anatomy and Physiology 2 with lab 5 SH
  • EXSC4500/4501 Exercise Physiology 1 with lab 5 SH

Additionally, students will choose from the following 2 options

Option 1 – Cardiovascular Focus

  • EXSC5200 – Cardiopulmonary Physiology – 3 SH
  • EXSC5220 – Advanced Exercise Physiology – 3 SH

Option 2 – Musculoskeletal Focus

  • EXSC5230 – Exercise in Musculoskeletal Disease – 3 SH
  • PT5133/5134 – Kinesiology with lab – 4 SH

Admissions Requirements

Admission into the minor requires approval of the student’s departmental/College advisor as well as the Exercise Science Minor advisor in the HS department. Applicants must have a minimum overall QPA of 3.0.

Completion of Minor

Successful completion of the minor requires completion of 3 required courses as well as either 2 Cardiovascular- focused courses, or 2 Musculoskeletal-focused courses. All coursework must be completed at a minimum grade of C and courses may not be taken Pass/Fail.

For more information, contact: Professor Annemarie Sullivan