Graduate Ambassadors

Graduate Ambassadors

At Bouvé College of Health Sciences in Boston, we understand that taking the next step in your academic career comes with a lot of questions. What skills will I need to succeed? Which program is right for me? Is now the right time? What about the right University?

Reach out now and speak to a Graduate Ambassador. Master’s, Certificate, Doctoral Degree: Get their personal thoughts on what makes Bouvé College the right choice for your future. We’re here to help answer your questions and more. Making the process easy, simple, and less stressful.

Your journey in the field of healthcare at Bouvé College of Health Sciences just got easier!

Plus: We offer personalized graduate tours given by our Bouvé Graduate Ambassadors. Please let us know if you are interested and we’ll work with you to schedule a visit.

Meet Our Graduate Ambassadors

Jima Baez - Northeastern University

Jima Baez
MS in Exercise Science
Salem, MA
Bachelor’s in Human Physiology

Why I chose Northeastern: I chose NEU because of how immersive the EXSC program is. I knew from the start that I would be getting the most out of my education from a school that has connections to make medical and sports facilities both in and out of the city. I love Boston as well, so being able to continue studying in one of my favorite cities makes the experience even more exciting.

Favorite Class: EKG Assessment

What I love most about my program: How the professors do their utmost to make sure the students understand the material and can explain it in a myriad of ways. They genuinely care more about you learning the material than grades. As exercise is a huge passion of mine, being able to learn the science behind it is a wonderful experience!

Fun fact about me: I am also a Certified Personal Trainer, run my own training website and love working out!

Ashray Bhavsar — Northeastern University

Aashray Bhavsar
MS in Pharmaceutical Sciences
Mumbai, India
Bachelor’s in Pharmacy

Why I chose Northeastern: Awesome Co-op program, unique academic labs, location best suited for the subject I’m studying.

Favorite Class: Pharmaceutical Sciences Laboratory.

What I love most about my program: Dr Booth’s Parkinson’s disease story.

Fun fact about me: Haven’t watched Netflix ever. Probably the only adult on earth who hasn’t done that. The last of my kind! My species is going extinct! Save me!

Lexi D’Abrosca - Northeastern University

Lexi D’Abrosca
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Dallas, TX
Bachelor’s in Kinesiology Pre-PT

Why I chose Northeastern: I choose Northeastern because not only did it let me live out my dream of living in Boston, but the curriculum that includes hands on labs and co-op and the small cohort size gave me the opportunity to have the ultimate PT experience.

Favorite Class: Functional Anatomy

What I love most about my program: My favorite part of the program is the relationships I have built with my fellow classmates and faculty. The faculty is one of a kind and their care for all of us has made this experience amazing.

Fun fact about me: I played soccer in undergrad and helped bring my team to our program’s first NCAA tournament appearance!

Rebecca Elliott — Northeastern University

Rebecca Elliott
Master of Public Health, BS/MPH Plus One
Danville, CA
Bachelor’s in Health Science

Why I chose Northeastern: I chose Northeastern due to their location in Boston, the strong connections to work opportunities, and the beautiful campus.

Favorite Class: Economic Perspectives on Health Policy

What I love most about my program: My classmates!

Fun fact about me: For a brief time when I was a toddler, I thought I was Clifford the Big Red Dog.

Mary Gulino — Northeastern University

Mary Gulino
MS in Pharmacology
Melrose, MA
Bachelor’s in Behavioral Neuroscience

Why I chose Northeastern: Double Husky! And the program is very nicely tailored towards working professionals so I can work on my masters while staying at my full time job

Favorite Class: Advanced Drug Delivery Systems

What I love most about my program: Learning about other areas of research beyond what I do in my day to day job

Fun fact about me: My sister has Down Syndrome! She is what inspired me to go into science and research 🙂

Olivia Higgins — Northeastern University

Olivia Higgins
MS in Counseling Psychology
Scituate, MA
Bachelor’s in Psychology and Public Relations

Why I chose Northeastern: : I chose Northeastern for a number of reasons; the program alignment with my goals, the course work, and the emphasis on field placement and using clinical skills in the field. But perhaps most important to me personally and what influenced my decision the most was the ‘gut feeling’ I got after the interview day and being able to get to know faculty and program better. The conversations I had and insight I gained during that event was so positive and reassured me that this would be a great learning environment.

Favorite Class: So hard to decide—probably Clinical Skills in Counseling Psychology which we take during the first semester because you learn and practice those essential therapeutic interventions that can be used in the room with clients.

What I love most about my program: The people! All of my professors are so smart, experienced and passionate about passing on knowledge through teaching and training the students in the program. I find it so empowering that these professionals in the field are willing to go above and beyond to support students in exploring their individual interests and passions within the field. Also, the peers in my cohort are fantastic. Being surrounded by like-minded empathic people has created a supportive learning environment that has made all the difference for me and my learning, and I’ve been fortunate enough to make life-long friendships I will continue to cherish long after we all graduate together.

Fun fact about me: I love collecting and taking care of house plants, it’s my favorite selfcare activity! At the moment my favorites are my two monstera deliciosa plants which originate from tropical climates or rain forests and are nick named ‘swiss cheese’ plants.

Paige Hultman — Northeastern University

Paige H
MS in Speech-Language Pathology
Norwell, MA
Bachelor’s in Special Education

Why I chose Northeastern: I chose Northeastern because of the dedicated faculty, clinical opportunities, and city campus.

Favorite class: Articulation & Phonology, Child Language Disorders, or Dysphagia (I can’t pick just one!!)

What I love most about my program: I love that the faculty does their best to personalize my experience in graduate school by matching me to clinical placements that meet my interests. I also love how close I have become to the people in my cohort.

Fun fact about me: I have a twin sister.

Sara Khalil — Northeastern University

Sara Khalil
MS in Health Informatics
Beirut, Lebanon
Bachelor’s in Biology

Why I chose Northeastern: Strong health informatics program, supportive faculty with diverse backgrounds and expertise (they bring their own experiences to the classroom), location (Boston is a hub for healthcare and technology), Co-op.

Favorite Class: Information Design and Visual Analytics

What I love most about my program: Applying skills and concepts learned in class to real life projects.

Fun fact about me: I wanted to become a genetic counselor before I decided to pursue a career in health informatics

Jake Ludwig — Northeastern University

Jake Ludwig
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Buffalo, NY
Bachelor’s in Biochemistry

Why I chose Northeastern: I love Boston.

Favorite Class: Anatomy

What I love most about my program: The people!

Fun fact about me: I’ve ran the Boston Marathon.

Courtney McKenzie

Courtney McKenzie
Doctor of Physical Therapy, Class of 2022
Medway, MA
Bachelor’s in Health Sciences

Why I chose Northeastern: I did my undergrad at Northeastern as well and I loved the PT department! The co-op/ professional development at Northeastern as a whole is unmatched.

Favorite Class: Anatomy Cadaver Lab and Musculoskeletal Management Lab

What I love most about my program: Getting hands on experience with lab, co-op, and clinical work. I learn best by doing, which is the best way to learn with PT.

Fun fact about me: I have dual citizenship between the U.S. and Costa Rica!

Mayomi Meggison — Northeastern University

Mayomi Meggison
DNP Nurse Anesthesia
Winthrop, MA
Bachelor’s in Nursing

Why I chose Northeastern: I really like that Northeastern University is located in the city, and as someone who is pursuing an education in the medical field, I have the opportunity to gain experience at a variety of great hospitals.

Favorite Class: Anything with math.

What I love most about my program: The professors have all been very supportive.

Fun fact about me: I attended Northeastern as an undergraduate, so I am a Double Husky! I also love to travel!

Kaylee Schnur — Northeastern University

Kaylee Schnur
DNP Nurse Anesthesia
Houston, TX
Bachelor’s in Nursing

Why I chose Northeastern: The amazing location, supportive faculty, and renowned clinical sites.

Favorite Class: Pharmacotherapeutics in Anesthesia and Critical Care

What I love most about my program: My classmates!

Fun fact about me: I have a three-legged dog named Kaptain (for Captain Hook)!

Kayla Sippin — Northeastern University

Kayla Sippin
Master of Science/CAGS, School Psychology
Newtown, CT
Bachelor’s in Psychology and Journalism

Why I chose Northeastern: I chose Northeastern because of its dedication to evidence-based practice, research, application, and diversity. Northeastern also has great connections with practicum/internship sites in the Boston area.

Favorite Class: Social, Emotional and Behavioral Assessment

What I love most about my program: I love the faculty and how dedicated they are both to our success and well-being. They all bring rich experience from the field to share with our class. Our program is well-rounded in terms of its dedication to assessment, counseling and the standards outlined by the National Association of School Psychologists. We also focus on applying what we know from our classes to what we do in the field.

Fun fact about me: I play ultimate frisbee on Northeastern’s women’s team the Valkyries.

Sara Spanjers — Northeastern University

Sara Spanjers
Direct-Entry Nursing MSN
Maple Grove, MN
Bachelor’s in Biology

Why I chose Northeastern: I chose Northeastern because it was the only program that allowed time to work as a nurse in between getting my BSN and my MSN. I really wanted to get nursing experience prior to beginning my nurse practitioner career to build my own confidence and gain practical skills.

Favorite Class: Advanced Pharmacology

What I love most about my program: Our cohort is super small (~30 students), so I feel like I’ve been given an opportunity to get to know everyone! We’re all very team oriented, and everyone is very apt to help each other succeed however we can.

Fun fact about me: My brother married a girl named Sarah, and now we’re both Sara(h) Spanjers!

Paige Swafford — Northeastern University

Paige Swafford
MS in Applied Behavior Analysis
Chesnee, SC
Bachelor’s in Psychology, Neuroscience

Why I chose Northeastern: I chose Northeastern because of the rigor of the program and the care they have for students, both in person and online.

Favorite class: My favorite class has been Research and Design Methods. I have a passion for research!

What I love most about my program: I love that, despite being online, the program has such a supportive environment.

Fun fact about me: I was a volunteer firefighter throughout high school, and I became certified during my undergraduate career.