Mindfulness Studies Minor

Program Overview

The Minor in Mindfulness Studies is open to all majors at the university. The term “mindfulness” refers to maintaining an awareness of the present moment without judgement. Modern-day mindfulness has roots in Eastern spiritual traditions such as Buddhism and Hinduism; after arriving in the West, mindfulness practice became a mostly secular practice used by many to promote health and wellbeing.
The Minor in Mindfulness Studies is designed for students who seek to enrich their understanding of mindfulness practice, including its benefits and potential applications. Pursuing a Minor in Mindfulness Studies will complement students’ knowledge in the related fields of psychology, health sciences, philosophy, and religious studies. However, developing a mindfulness practice and an understanding of the potential benefits and applications of mindfulness may help enrich the lives of students in any major. Whether students are interested in health, education, or business, by pursuing the Minor in Mindfulness Studies they will learn how to develop a mindfulness practice and explore how to apply mindfulness to their career.
The Mindfulness Minor Studies is housed within the Applied Psychology Department in Bouvé College of Health Sciences and is interdisciplinary in nature, as it includes required courses in Health Sciences (Interdisciplinary) and Philosophy and Religion.

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Admission to the Minor

To be admitted to the Minor in Mindfulness Studies, students must be in good academic standing (minimum 2.0 GPA overall).

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Completion Requirements

Successful completion of the minor requires completion of four courses (minimum 15 credit hours). See the breakdown of required and elective courses below. All coursework must be completed at a minimum grade of C and courses may not be taken Pass/Fail. See below for required courses.

Required Courses

CAEP 1280: Introduction to Mindfulness (4 credit hours)

PHIL 1133: Selling Spirituality (4 credit hours)

Elective Courses (Choose 1)

PHIL 1275: Hinduism, Buddhism, and Beyond: Eastern Religions (4 credit hours

PHIL 2395: Japanese Buddhism (4 credit hours

Elective Courses (Choose 2)

CAEP 1290: Personal Behavior Change (4 credit hours)

CAEP 3899: Relationships in College (4 credit hours)

HLTH 5002: Mindfulness: Theory and Practice (3 credit hours)

PHIL 1130: Ethics: East and West (4 credit hours)

PHIL 1290: Chinese Philosophy and Religion (4 credit hours)

CAEP 2280: The Yoga Tradition in Nepal: History, Theory and Practice (dialogue course) (4 credit hours)

CAEP 2290: The Yoga Tradition: History, Theory and Practice (4 credit hours)

HUSV 2340: Mindfulness in Mental Health (4 credit hours)

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