Frequently Asked Questions

Fall 2023 deadline: August 1, 2023
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Can I take courses without matriculating into a specific graduate program?

Yes you can take up to 12 sh as a non matriculated student. After the 12 sh you will have to apply to the specific program and be accepted to continue your studies.

*Students interested in the DNP program can only take up to 9 sh before applying.

How do I find the course I want?

Please go to the Registrar’s web site for the listings of courses being offered in the appropriate semester. Select “Class Schedule” under Gradaute Schools on the site (in the far right column).

Once I find the course I want, what is my next step?

E-mail the following faculty requesting permission to take the chosen course. Please remember to state the course number and name.

Subject Faculty Member Contact Email
Counseling Psychology MS Rachel Rodgers [email protected]
Counseling Psychology PhD Rachel Rodgers [email protected]
Exercise Science Rui Li [email protected]
Health Informatics Jay Spitulnik [email protected]
Nursing MS & CAGS Amanda Choflet [email protected]
Nursing DNP Lynn Reede [email protected]
Nursing PhD Amanda Choflet [email protected]
Pharmaceutical Sciences David Janero [email protected]
Population Health Beth Molnar [email protected]
Public Health Emily Grilli-Scott [email protected]
School Psychology MS/CAGS Amy Briesch [email protected]
School Psychology PhD Amy Briesch [email protected]
Speech Language Pathology Sarah Young-Hong [email protected]

How do I register for the class once I have permission to take the course?

Please fill out special student application above, and submit all  required documentation to our office. Your information will be entered in the University system and you will be notified when your account is ready for registration. The last day to submit a complete application to take courses as a special student are: 8/1 for fall courses, 11/1 for spring courses and 4/1 for summer courses (Full Summer, Summer 1/2)

Is there an application fee?

Yes, a one time non-refundable $75 application fee is required. If you decide to apply to a program, you will not be charged again. Unless the program is part of the Common Application System. Programs that are part of the Common Application System include; Master of Public Health in Urban Health, Doctor of Pharmacy Direct Entry, Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies and the Post Baccalaureate Doctor of Physical Therapy Program.

The application fee can be paid by check or money order. The payment should be made out to Northeastern University and sent to: Northeastern University, 120BK, 360 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02115.

Is proof of my undergraduate degree necessary?

Yes. We must receive an official transcript indicating you have received a BS/BA. A copy of your diploma may also be used to verify your degree.

Is proof of my nursing license necessary?

Yes. We must receive a copy of your up to date nursing license.

Can I be refused the course I want to take?

Yes. Matriculated students have first choice on the classes being offered. This may stop you from gaining entrance or being removed from the class if a matriculated student needs to be enrolled.

If I successfully complete these courses as a special student, am I granted admission?

Admission is not guaranteed after successfully completing the courses. Admission is based on your status in the application pool for the program of interest.

If I apply and am accepted to the program of choice, will these credits transfer into the program?

Yes, they will automatically be applied to your program. Since we offer core courses for special student status, these courses can also be transferred to another college.

As an international student, can I enroll as a special student?

F-1, F2 and J-1 visas cannot enroll as a special student because the courses would not provide full time status. H visas can become special students as long as they bring copies of their visas and proof of sponsorship.

When do courses start?

Please check the Registrar’s site for the calendar, tuition, and policy on dropping courses.