‘Tech neck is the real deal.’ Why pain is on the rise from looking down at laptops and phones — and what to do about it 

Key Takeaways

  • Bending over laptops, cell phones and tablets has created an epidemic of “tech neck” among adults and kids, but remedies exist. 

By Cynthia McCormick Hibbert

In recent years, chiropractor Scott Diamond has observed an explosion of patients, both adults and teens, seeking relief from “tech neck” and other painful conditions caused by prolonged use of laptops, tablets and cellphones.

“I have seen a significant uptick in symptoms associated with rounded hunched posture from prolonged use of smart devices, and overall sedentary time,” says Diamond, a Northeastern University graduate who runs a clinic in Boston.

“Tech neck is the real deal,” he says.

Diamond and Alycia Markowski, a Northeastern clinical professor of physical therapy, spoke to Northeastern Global News about what causes tech neck and how to prevent it from putting a crimp in your day.

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