Northeastern’s Parkinson’s disease treatment center helps patients avoid ‘communication breakdowns’

Rob Jacobson has been living with Parkinson’s disease for more than 15 years and says his speech is better understood after completing the specialized therapeutic program at Northeastern University’s Speech-Language and Hearing Center.

“It’s been really helpful,” Jacobson says. “I’m aware that my voice can change over time” due to the degenerative disease, “but my friends tell me they can understand me much better now.”

Dubbed Massachusetts’ only Speak Out! Therapy & Research Center by the Parkinson Voice Project, Northeastern’s center will receive a $280,000 grant from the nonprofit to go toward training, services, supplies and equipment over the next five years.

Jacobson was the first graduate of the program.

“I just went in with an open mind, and I’m glad I did,” he says. “I feel proud to be a part of this.”  

The center provides residents of Massachusetts with Parkinson’s disease free access to high-quality speech treatment on campus or through telehealth. 

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