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Kathy Hassey


Director, School Health Academy


Select Publications

2008 White Paper “Ensuring Access to School Nursing Services For Massachusetts Children & Youth”, Task Force member. (?  Attach pictures)

2012 Co-Chair Task Force #2 Communication and Confidentiality Task Force of the Child Healthcare Quality Coalition “Communication Matters, a guide for sharing information about a child’s care”

Combe, L. G., Bachman, M. B., Dolatowski, R., Endsley, P. E., Hassey, K., Maughan, E., . . . Zeno, E. (2015). School nurse workload: Students are more than just numbers. NASN School Nurse (Print), 30(5), 283. doi:10.1177/1942602X15596582 

Hassey, K., Gormley, J. (2017). Violence in Schools/Restraints of students. In Taliaferro, V., Resha, C. (Ed.), Legal resource for school health services (SchoolNurse.com ed., pp. Chapter 44, p. 547). Nashville, TN: SchoolNurse.com.

Gormley, J.M.& Hassey, K.A. (2019). The School Nurse’s Role as Health Educator. In Selekman, Shannon, & Yonkaitis (Eds.), School Nursing: A Comprehensive Text (3rd ed., pp. 75-95). FA Davis. Invited to update for next edition. 

Gormley JM, Poirier V, Hassey KA, Van Pelt M, Ye L. School Nurses’ Reports on Reopening Roles, Practices, and Concerns During the COVID-19 Pandemic at the Start 


Vermont Department of Health School Nurse Leadership grant $150,00 for 1 the year 2022-2023. Extended for 1 year at $79,845.

2021-2023. Consultation with Heywood Hospital to implement school-based telehealth services to 5 MA school districts. $20,000, 

2020-present Collaboration with Rhode Island Department of Health to record and post their Rhode Island School Nurse orientation program 

2005-2016 Massachusetts Department of Public Health School Health Institute grant. Awarded $3,800,000 over 11 years for Northeastern University, 

2000-2005 Massachusetts Department of Public Health for the Essential School Health Services Grant. Awarded: $869,000 over 5 years for Hudson Public Schools, 

2002-2004 Department of Medical Assistance Health Care Access Grant. Awarded: ($30,000 over 2 years) for Hudson Public Schools, 

Professional and Community Service

2021-2022 MRC volunteer activities during COVID-19 vaccination clinics

2017-present MSNO Awards and Scholarship Committee Chair

2016 Member, Executive Committee, National Association of School Nurses, 

2014-2016 Director, Massachusetts Division – National Association of School Nurses,  

2006-2016 Member, Massachusetts Children’s Mental Health Task Force at Massachusetts Medical Society, 

2012 -2015 Web Master for implementation of new web site, Massachusetts School Nurses Organization