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I have some college coursework and am interested in undergraduate transfer admission

Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) Curriculum

The PharmD program provides a foundation of basic science and targeted liberal arts course work, a comprehensive, integrated professional course curriculum and extensive professional work experience that prepares students for work in a wide variety of pharmacy practice settings. Program length for transfer students will vary depending on their point of entry. View curriculum.

Transfer Pathways

If you are a CURRENT Northeastern undergraduate, you can change your major to pharmacy.

NOT YET A NORTHEASTERN STUDENT? From the two possible pathways below, choose the one that best describes your level of preparation to date:

1. Transfer into 1st Professional Year

If you have completed two or more years of undergraduate work, including the courses listed below, and have not yet earned a bachelor’s degree, you can apply to transfer directly into the first Professional Year (P1 of 4 years) of the PharmD Program.

Prerequisites for Transfer into P1 of the PharmD Program Semester Hours
Biology I & II (must include at least one lab component between the two courses) 7
Chemistry I & II (must include at least one lab component between the two courses) 7
Organic Chemistry I & II with labs 8
Biochemistry 3
Calculus or other high-level math 3
Human Anatomy & Physiology I & II with 1 lab 7
General Humanities 4


Please apply using the PharmCAS application link, where you will also find more information about transfer requirements.

2. Transfer into 2nd Pre-professional Year

If you have fewer than two years of undergraduate coursework, or have not already taken the courses listed above, you can apply to transfer into the second pre-professional year of the Early Assurance Doctorate in Pharmacy program. As an Early Assurance student, you will complete, at Northeastern, the remaining undergraduate, pre-professional requirements for entrance into the PharmD program, including at least twelve semester hours of science prerequisite coursework:

Early Assurance PharmD Program Coursework Semester Hours
General Chemistry I with Lab (required) 4
General Chemistry II with Lab (strongly recommended) 4
General Biology I with Lab (required) 4
General Biology II with Lab (strongly recommended) 4
Calculus or higher 4
Foundations of Psychology 4
College writing (equivalent to ENGW 1111) 4


In addition, you must meet all other progression plan requirements before being considered for admission into the first Professional (P1) Year of the PharmD program. Please visit the academic catalog and scroll down to the heading “Program Progression” to learn more.

You will be required to submit a PharmCAS application during your second pre-professional year as part of the progression requirements. As long as you meet the progression requirements and satisfactorily pass the progression interview, you will enter the P1 year of the PharmD program. The PharmCAS application process is considered a formality in the progression process and will not jeopardize your preferred or guaranteed enrollment status.

Please apply to this pathway through our Undergraduate Admissions website, where you will find more information, as well as application materials and deadlines.

Credit Transfer

Due to the volume of applications and coursework received, we will evaluate equivalencies of coursework taken at other institutions only after a student has been admitted to the program. If you would like to see if a course you have taken has already been evaluated for equivalency by Northeastern University, please visit our equivalency data base.

Request Information

Request Information

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