Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) — Graduate Admission

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I have a bachelor’s degree and prerequisite courses

If you have earned a bachelor’s degree and will have completed all required pre-pharmacy coursework by the summer prior to Fall semester of matriculation, you may apply for admission into the first professional (P1) year of the PharmD program via the PharmCAS application. If you are interested in DIRECT-ENTRY admission, please see the application requirements and prerequisites below. For more information about the admissions requirements, please visit our PharmCAS School Page.

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Fall Application Requirements


  • Rolling admission decisions, with June 1, final deadline
  • Transcripts must be submitted directly to PharmCAS.
  • Any foreign coursework must be evaluated by World Education Services (WES) Inc. and submitted directly to PharmCAS

(OPTIONAL): PCAT EXAM (Pharmacy College Admission Test) is optional

  • Scores may be submitted directly to PharmCAS (use PCAT score code 104)


  • Bachelor’s degree (in any field/major) must be completed no later than summer prior to matriculation


  • Preferred completion by spring semester prior to matriculation, with allowance for some coursework in summer
  • Students may apply while coursework is in progress


  • Must be submitted directly to PharmCAS
  • Recommended sources:  pharmacist, supervisor


Pre-requisites required for Direct-Entry into first professional (P1) year of the program

 * Only grades of C (2.0) or higher are acceptable to fulfill a prerequisite course.  An overall prerequisite science grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 is preferred.

Prerequisites For Fall Admission Semester Hours
General Chemistry I and II (1 Lab) 7
General Biology I and II (1 Lab) 7
Organic Chemistry I and II (with Labs) 8
Biochemistry 3
Calculus/Other Advanced Math 3
Physics 3
Arts/Humanities/Social Sciences 4
Human Physiology I and II (including anatomy) * 8
BACHELOR’S Degree (any discipline) required

Students may apply while coursework is in progress – all prerequisites and bachelor’s degree need to be completed by end of summer term for admission in fall semester. AP credit for coursework will be considered if listed on transcript and accepted by the undergraduate institution.

Notes on Human Physiology I and II Course Sequence:  A total of 8 semester hours of HUMAN-based Physiology and Anatomy are required by the program.  Course designed for health professions are highly preferred.  Please check with advisors/instructors at your institution to identify courses that fit these requirements.  If a general anatomy or physiology course is taken, 80% of the course content must be based on human systems.  Most students fulfill this course sequence by taking:

  • OPTION 1:  Human Anatomy and Physiology I and Human Anatomy and Physiology II (at least one lab as part of sequence)
  • OPTION 2:  Human Physiology I and Human Anatomy I (at least one lab as part of sequence)
  • OPTION 3:  Human Physiology I and Human Physiology II (at least one lab as part of sequence)

Transcripts in languages other than English must be submitted for verification through World Education Services (WES) Inc. A course-by-course GPA and degree equivalency evaluation is required and must be submitted through PharmCAS application.

Note: Due to the volume of applications and coursework received, we will evaluate equivalencies of coursework only after a student has applied to the program.  Final review occurs as part of the admission process.


The Doctor of Pharmacy program provides a comprehensive, integrated professional course curriculum and extensive professional work experience that prepares students for work in a wide variety of pharmacy practice settings.

  • Four-year program: P1-P4 Professional Curriculum
  • Complete two co-ops
  • Graduate student status all four years