Lauren Koenig

Founder, TWIP – Travel With Interesting People


Lauren Koenig is a Travel activist and company founder of TWIP – Travel With Interesting People. TWIP is the only travel website that empowers global and domestic travelers to find each other based upon their individual personal desires or what the company coined, ‘Travanality. TWIP offers travelers the opportunity to travel to the most interesting countries in the world, discovering global events and exciting, exclusive adventures.  Lauren understands she has a love affair and an abiding passion for travel, especially Montreal, Prague, Beirut, South Africa and of course, Muskoka destinations – and as an entrepreneur a keen understanding of the importance of branding and messaging.  As of Spring 2015, Lauren is an Alumni of the Women’s StartUp Lab Accelerator in San Francisco, California and looks forward to mentoring teams at the first ever Nurse Hackathon to help them with their messaging in advance of their team pitches and awards on Sunday.

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