Living Room Sponsor Founder and Chief Growth Officer, Orbis Education


Founder and Chief Growth Officer, Orbis Education

Daniel Briggs has more than 30 years of experience developing innovative, technology-based solutions to complex problems in education and healthcare. He founded Orbis Education in 2003 with the vision of finding a new way to address healthcare workforce shortages. Prior to creating Orbis, he was Vice President of National Accounts for CCS Medical, a national home delivery company addressing chronic medical conditions, and Senior Vice President for ORYX Consulting, specializing in business development and strategy. Dan also served as co-founder and General Manager of MyDoc, a business unit for Roche Diagnostics Corporation that focused on treating common ailments through a virtual portal.  After several years as CEO of Orbis, Dan now serves as the company’s Chief Growth Officer, focused on building new collaborative partnerships between universities and healthcare systems that produce highly skilled practitioners.

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