Mile$tone, 3rd place winner of 2018 Hackathon

Our team Mile$tone, concept is a conditional cash transfer system for recovering drug addicts. Patients who overdose on opioids cost health systems between $50,000 and $90,000 to stabilize and discharge. Mile$tone helps those who want to recover by rewarding cash transfers for completing small task like clean urine samples, or consecutive doctor visits. Our software Mile$tone would cost a total of $5,000 and include 3 months of housing, food, and the conditional cash for completed task. Insurance companies and Hospitals would foot the bill, to save thousands on the back-end by lowering readmission, & relapses.


A  few of us decided to visit the Mass Ave homeless shelter and engagement center next to Boston Medical to validate our idea; It reminded me of a high crime, low income area back home in North Carolina where I volunteered. After talking with a few people we quickly found out that housing was the biggest priority. Some of the people we spoke to were 10 years clean of drugs, and reentered the workforce, but had no where to stay besides the shelter. I found planting that seed for a better tomorrow the most rewarding and would recommend next years startup weekend be held at the engagement center! I learned so much more listening to those people about rehab process and the available resources, than I would have researching all weekend.

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