Responsible AI begins with ethics, security and transparency, Northeastern experts say

Ronke Ekwensi, chief data officer for T-Mobile, can explain her job pretty easily, at least from the 30,000-foot perspective.

“The way I think of my role as CDO is to really focus on extracting value from data,” she said recently in East Village on Northeastern’s Boston campus. 

That description is simple enough, but it’s in the fine details of analyzing and managing that data for one of the world’s top wireless service providers where the complexities of the job arise. 

One topic that has been a center of focus as of late has been artificial intelligence and how to best integrate it into T-Mobile’s operations.

Ekwensi, a Northeastern graduate, was one of more than a dozen executives who spoke during a business conference hosted by Northeastern’s Institute for Experiential AI. The theme of the event was “Leading with AI Responsibly.” 

Leaders from companies such as Google, McDonald’s and Intitut were among the speakers. 

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