How running enthusiast Laura Green became an IG influencer by making fun of herself

For Laura Green, a Northeastern graduate, running has been a big part of life since childhood.

Green, 37, grew up in a running family in upstate New York. She ran track in high school and was part of the cross-country and track teams at Northeastern until her graduation in 2010. 

She made friends around the country through running while being a traveling physical therapist and met her future husband through a fitness movement, “November Project,” that originated in Boston.

Running has also been Green’s “me time” since she became a mother of two and the time to see her girlfriends and to socialize in the wee hours of the morning. It also gave her an unexpected creative outlet and a new occupation.

About a year ago, Green, encouraged by a friend, tried creating funny skits about running for social media.

“I made a couple [videos], and they did pretty well. I realized that this is something that is not fully capitalized in the running space,” she says. “I think most people take themselves really seriously and most ads in running are very serious. So I kept going.” 

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