Dr. Ralf Schlosser recognized as expert in Communication Aids for Disabled

01/21/21 – BOSTON, MA: Ralf Schlosser, a professor in the department of communication sciences and disorders at Northeastern, poses for a portrait on Jan. 21, 2021. Schlosser has developed a series of new teaching techniques using smartwatches to help students with autism learn alongside neurotypical classmates. Photo by Ruby Wallau/Northeastern University

Congratulations to Dr. Ralf Schlosser, Professor, Communication Sciences and Disorders, who has been recognized as an Expertscape expert in Communication Aids for the Disabled.

Expertscape defines Communication Aids for Disabled as “Equipment that provides mentally or physically disabled persons with a means of communication. The aids include display boards, typewriters, cathode ray tubes, computers, and speech synthesizers. The output of such aids includes written words, artificial speech, language signs, Morse code, and pictures.”

Expertscape says its PubMed-based algorithms place Schlosser in the top 1% of scholars writing about Communication Aids for Disabled over the past 10 years, a level they label as “Expert.”

In addition to his teachings at Bouvé, Schlosser is the Director of Clinical Research at the Center for Communication Enhancement at Boston Children’s Hospital, as well as Editor-in-Chief of Augmentative and Alternative Communication and Co-Editor of Evidence-based Communication Assessment and Intervention.