Suzanne Garverich

MPH in Urban Health

Program Assistant Director


Suzanne Garverich received her MPH in urban health from Northeastern University. Her experience is in Mental Health Research and Research Ethics. She has worked on SAMHSA, NIH, and NIMH-funded studies for the past 15 years.  Her areas of interest are in research using a mixed methods approach as well as research dedicated to improving mental health services.

Areas of Expertise

Public mental health research
Community Participatory Research Methods
Mixed methods
Strategic planning
Student training


Lincoln, A. K., Adams, W., Eyllon, M., Garverich, S., Prener, C. G., Griffith, J., … & Hopper, K. (2017). The double stigma of limited literacy and mental illness: Examining barriers to recovery and participation among public mental health service users. Society and Mental Health, 1-21.

Lincoln A.K. Arford, T., Prener, C., Garverich, S., & Koenen, K.C. (2013). The need for trauma-sensitive language use in literacy and health literacy screening instruments.  Journal of Health Communication, 18(1), 15-19.