Sarah Young-Hong, MA, CCC-SLP

Director of Speech-Language Pathology Services
  • Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders

Office: 505N Behrakis
Phone: 617-373-3046

Sarah Young-Hong is the Clinic Director of Speech & Language services at the Speech-Language and Hearing Center. Ms. Young-Hong oversees operations in the on-campus clinic where undergraduate and graduate students participate in clinical observations and receive hands-on training. Her focus has been on enhancing student training by ensuring multiple learning opportunities and operational efficiencies in the out-patient Center, including the use and implementation of technology. She frequently employs students to assist with these processes and to learn new skills. Through collaboration with staff, program development has included the commencement of an Aural Rehabilitation Group, a Social Skills summer program, and several Accent Modification programs. Ms. Young-Hong current interests include continued program development and the pursuit of evidence-based data for implementation in the provision of accent modification services.