Sara Lopez-Pintado

Associate Professor
  • Department of Health Sciences
  • Faculty

Office: 316 Robinson Hall, Rm 312c
Phone: 617-373-8249

Dr. Lopez-Pintado has been focused since the beginning of her career on the study, development and teaching of statistical methodologies and their applications to fields such as Biomedicine. She obtained a BS in Mathematics (major in Statistics) from the University of Seville, Spain (1994-1998) and a Ph.D. in Statistics from the University Carlos III of Madrid, Spain (1998-2005). Her Ph.D. thesis ‘On the concept of depth for functional data’ received the best thesis of the year award. She spent one year as an Instructor and Postdoctoral Associate in the Department of Statistics at Rutgers University, and after returning to Spain she was appointed Assistant Professor in the Department of Quantitative Methods and Statistics at University Pablo de Olavide in Seville. In 2007-2008 she visited the Department of Biostatistics in the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University, supported by a grant from the Spanish Government. Subsequently, in 2010 Dr. Lopez-Pintado was appointed as Assistant Professor in the Department of Biostatistics at Columbia University. During her time as an Assistant Professor at Columbia, she combined methodological and collaborative research with teaching and service duties. During this time period she also had two children: Daniel (born in September 2011) and Emma (born in May 2014). She is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Health Sciences at Northeastern University. Her research is focused on the development of robust nonparametric and computational methods for ranking and analyzing high-dimensional data such as functions, medical images and time series. She has published several relevant and well cited papers in the field of robust functional data analysis. Her goal is to develop new robust methods for analyzing and modeling high-dimensional data sets, such as those made available by the technological advances in medical and health sciences. Dr. Lopez-Pintado is interested in collaborating in interdisciplinary research projects in Biomedicine. She is also passionate about teaching statistics and its applications to undergraduate and graduate students.