Robin Codding



Applied Psychology

Research Interests

My research interests focus on the intersection of intervention and implementation by developing and exploring the effectiveness of school-based academic interventions, the factors that contribute to student responsiveness of those interventions, and strategies to support intervention implementation.

Recent Selected Publications

(*indicates student co-author)

Codding, R. S., Nelson, P., Parker, D., *Edmunds, R., & *Klaft, J. (2022).  Examining the impact of a tutoring program implemented with community support on math proficiency and growth. Journal of School Psychology, 90, 82-93.

*Kromminga, K. R. & Codding, R. S. (2021). A comparison of 1:1 flashcards and a tablet app on student mathematics proficiency. Journal of Behavioral Education, 30 (4) 578- 603.

*McKevett, N. & Codding, R. S. (2021). Brief experimental analysis of math interventions: A synthesis of evidence. Assessment for Effective Intervention, 46  (3), 217-227. Doi:10.11777/1534508419883937.

Codding, R. S., Begeny, J., *Kromminga, K. R., *Edmunds, R. R., *Klaft, J., *Diggs, C., & Hansen- Burke, A. (2020). Do motivational strategies improve the effects of a small-group math intervention program? Journal of Applied School Psychology, 36, 235-260.

Codding, R. S., Collier-Meek, M., Jimerson, S., Klingbeil, S., Mayer, M. J., & Miller, F. (2020). School Psychology reflections on COVID-19, antiracism, and gender and racial disparities in publishing [Editorial]. School Psychology, 35, 227-232.

*McKevett, N. M., *Kromminga, K. R., *Ruedy, A., *Roesslein, R., *Running, K., & Codding, R. S. (2020). The effects of motion math: Bounce on students’ fraction knowledge. Learning Disabilities Research & Practice, 35, 25-35. https://doi-

Codding, R. S., Volpe, R. *Martin, R. J., & *Krebs, G. (2019). Enhancing mathematics fluency: Comparing the spacing of practice sessions with the number of opportunities to respond. School Psychology Review, 48, 88-97.

*Roesslein, R. & Codding, R. S. (2019). Fraction interventions for struggling elementary math learners: A review of the literature. Psychology in the Schools, 56, 413-432.

*DeFouw, E. R., Codding, R. S., Collier-Meek, M. A., & *Gould, K. M. (2018). Examining dimensions of treatment intensity and treatment fidelity in   mathematics intervention research for students at risk. Remedial and Special Education, online first. DOI: 10.1177/0741932518774801

*Kleinert, W. L., Codding, R. S., Minami, T., & *Gould, K. (2018). A meta-analysis of the taped problems intervention. Journal of Behavioral Education, 27, 53-80. doi:10.1007/s10864-017-9284-5


Promoting youth academic success in schools

Curriculum-based assessment and data-based decision making