Michael Trisolini, Northeastern University

Michael Trisolini


Associate Teaching Professor

Public Health and Health Sciences


Michael Trisolini, PhD, MBA has 41 years of experience in global and domestic health policy, healthcare quality measurement and quality improvement, healthcare payment and financing, health services implementation and evaluation, healthcare management, and health planning.

He is currently teaching global health and health policy and management at the MPH and undergraduate levels. He has project experience in 21 different countries and led and participated in studies using both quantitative and qualitative methods.

Dr. Trisolini led and participated in studies applying multivariate regression analysis, logistic regression, psychometric evaluation, and financial modeling. He analyzed data from health insurance claims, patient surveys, and medical records and also led and participated in interviews, focus groups, and case studies on success factors and barriers for primary care programs, family planning services, healthcare quality improvement, public reporting of quality, value-based payment programs, health information systems, electronic health records implementation, chronic disease prevention and treatment programs, and late life care programs. He has led and participated in multi-year implementation projects for value-based payment programs.

Research Interests

Quality of healthcare, primary care, healthcare access, healthcare financing and payment

Selected Publications

Trisolini M., Javier E., Jabar M., Rodriguez C., Varquez J., Danganan O., Benabaye R., Reynaldo C., Conti-Lopez M., Dela Rosa J., Mendoza O., Dasmarinas E., Stan L., Bisson C. and Y. Oliveros. (2023).  Improving the quality of family planning services in the Philippines: barriers and opportunities. International Journal of Health Planning and Management 38: 1629-1643

Song S., Gaoting M., Trisolini M., LaBresh K., Smith S., Jin Y. and Z. Zheng. (2021).  Evaluation of between-county disparities in premature mortality due to stroke in the US.  JAMA Network Open 4(5): 1-11.

Liu F., Zhang L., Ge M., Xing J., You B., Zhang X., Shi O., Bobrow B., LaBresh K., Trisolini M. and Z. Zheng. (2016).  Public health interventions to improve access and quality of care for patients with acute cardiac events: overview of the HeartRescue China program. Cardiology Plus 1(2): 30-37.

Pope G., Kautter J., Leung M., Trisolini M., Adamache W. and K. Smith. (2014).  Financial and quality impacts of the Medicare Physician Group Practice Demonstration.  Medicare & Medicaid Research Review 4(3): E1-E22.

Cromwell J., Trisolini M., Pope G., Mitchell J. and L. Greenwald, eds. (2011). Pay for Performance in Health Care: Methods and Approaches. Research Triangle Park, North Carolina: RTI Press.

Classes Taught

PHTH 5212 Public Health Administration and Policy
PHTH 4120 Global Perspectives on Discrimination and Health
PHTH 4515 Critical Issues in Health and Public Health Policy
PHTH 2515 Healthcare Policy and Administration