Jie Shen


Associate Professor

Pharmaceutical Sciences


Professor Shen’s research interests include formulation development and characterization, bioequivalence assessment strategies and in vitro-in vivo correlation (IVIVC) of complex dosage forms (such as nanocarriers, long-acting injectables/implants, and locally-acting dosage forms) for hard-to-treat diseases, including but not limited to, cancer, infectious diseases, substance use disorders, and eye diseases.

Her team has also been focused on 3D printing and bioprinting for pharmaceutical applications. Professor Shen is currently serving as the Controlled Release Society (CRS) Diversified Products: Delivery Beyond Pharma (C&DP) Division and immediate-past Chair of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) In Vitro Release and Dissolution Testing (IVRDT) Community.

Professor Shen has been serving as an Editorial Board member and guest editor of top-tier peer-reviewed journals such as the International Journal of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutics.

Areas of interest

Locally-acting dosage forms, long-acting parenterals, bioequivalence assessment, IVIVC, nanomedicine, additive manufacturing

Selected Publications

L.X. Xie, W.Z. Yue, K. Ibrahim, J. Shen#. Long-acting curcumin nanoparticle/in situ hydrogel composite for the treatment of uveal melanoma. Pharmaceutics. 2021, 13(9): 1335.

T.Q. Wang, Y. Suita, S. Miriyala, J. Dean, N. Tapinos#, J. Shen#. Advances in lipid-based nanoparticles for cancer chemoimmunotherapy. Pharmaceutics. 2021, 13(4): 520.

Y.P. Deng, L. Shen, Y. Yang, J. Shen#. Development of nanoparticle-based orodispersible palatable pediatric formulations. International Journal of Pharmaceutics. 2021, 596: 120206.

Y. Yang, X.Y. Wang, X. Lin, L.X. Xie, R. Ivone, J. Shen#, G.S. Yang#. A tunable extruded 3D printing platform using thermo-sensitive pastes. International Journal of Pharmaceutics. 2020, 583: 119360. J. Shen, S. Choi, W. Qu, Y. Wang, D.J. Burgess. In vitro-in vivo correlation of parenteral risperidone polymeric microspheres. Journal of Controlled Release. 2015, 218: 1-12. (Selected as the Editorial Cover Story and Cover Page)

Public Service

Chair, CRS Diversified Products: Delivery Beyond Pharma (C&DP) Division (2023 – present)

Past Chair, AAPS In Vitro Release and Dissolution Testing Community (2023 – present)

Delegate, American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) House (2022)

Editorial Board Member, International Journal of Pharmaceutics (2016-present), Pharmaceutics (2021-present), Frontiers in Drug Delivery-Oral Drug Delivery (2021-present) Instructor, Rhode Island (RI) Nano-Bio Engineering Academy (RINBE) (Outreach program with RI High Schools) (2020-2023)