Student Speech Language and Hearing Association

“The mission of the National Student Speech Language and Hearing Association (NSSLHA) is to benefit its members by continually improving its support, promotion, and advocacy of the highest quality preparation of professionals in Audiology, Speech-Language Pathology, and Speech and Hearing Science.”

The Northeastern University Student Speech Language and Hearing Association (NUSSLHA) is the department’s student government association created to facilitate practical, fun, and functional activities for the students in the program outside of the clinic and classroom settings. Students run NUSSLHA under the supervision of a faculty advisor. A student representative attends department meetings and acts as a liaison between students and faculty.

NUSSLHA provides a great opportunity to reach beyond the classroom to enrich your undergraduate and/or graduate experiences at Northeastern University. In the past, NUSSLHA has been responsible for planning guest speakers, comprehensive exam review sessions, CPR courses, and various social events around Boston, as well as an end of the year celebration.

The Northeastern University’s Student Speech Language and Hearing Association is a subdivision of ASHA’s National Student Speech Language and Hearing Association (NSSLHA). This organization is for both undergraduate and graduate students. With membership totaling around 11,700 students, NSSLHA extends itself across more than 340 chapters at colleges and universities nationwide. NSSLHA serves as a gateway to guide you through your education and towards your career goals. To learn more about NSSLHA see below.

Vision/Philosophy Values and Purposes:

  • To promote the interdependence of NSSLHA and the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA).
  • To prepare leaders for the professions of speech-language pathology and Audiology through initiating leadership development opportunities during professional preparation.
  • To increase the opportunities for managing diversity within professional preparation programs.
  • To educate students regarding multicultural concerns and minority issues.
  • To provide a forum in which individuals can develop skills, services, and networking opportunities through interactions with a diverse and multi-faceted peer group.
  • To promote student interest and involvement in matters of concern to the professions of Audiology, Speech-Language Pathology, and Speech and Hearing Science.
  • To advance the development and maintenance of professional standards and individual professional competence in recognized areas on the basis of those standards.
  • To enforce a Code of Ethics and standards of practice for its members and to promote the highest possible standards of professional preparation in communication sciences and disorders.
  • To provide pre-professional practice in professional issues through leadership opportunities and decision-making.
  • To assist students studying communication science and disorders in the transition from student to professional or provide experiences to assist in the transition.
  • To assist college and university departments and local organizations interested in speech, hearing, and language behaviors and disorders.
  • To provide a vehicle for student representation in matters of professional concern (e.g., student representation on ASHA’s councils and committees).

NUSSLHA Officers

Carli Bopp NUSSLHA

Carli Bopp, Co-President

“As a second-year graduate student, I am entering my fourth clinical practicum at Northeastern University. Thus far, I have gained off campus experience in an elementary school, a collaborative school, and will soon be furthering my education at an inpatient/outpatient hospital in Fall River. I highly enjoyed working with interprofessional teams to provide the best services to medically fragile students with significant developmental disabilities at my previous practicums. I am looking forward to my Clinic 4 practicum as I have an interest in working in the medical field and gaining more experience with the adult population.

I decided to join NUSSLHA as a first-year graduate student because I wanted to be a part of the local affiliated chapter of NSSLHA. This chapter has provided me with leadership positions and created opportunities to participate in events and meetings throughout the academic year. I became one of the NUSSLHA First Year Representatives and am now the NUSSLHA Co-President. This past year, NUSSLHA participated in the Greater Boston Walk to End Alzheimer’s and raised over $3,000 through the help of students, friends, and family members. NUSSLHA is a great opportunity for students to show their leadership, service, education, and collaboration in a vastly growing community.”

Dana Nieves NUSSLHA

Dana Nieves, Co-President

“What I enjoy most about being part of this organization is coordinating, planning and executing educational, social and fundraising events for our wonderful cohorts. My favorite events thus far have been the LAWN at D, where 2nd year mentors were able to meet and socialize with their 1st year mentees as well as our Alumni Clinical Fellowship panel where we learned more about our next steps post graduate school. My clinical areas of interest in the speech-language pathology field are pediatric dysphagia, ASD, and motor speech disorders.”

Jamie Brunette NUSSLHA

Jamie Brunette, Vice President

“My clinical area of interest is working with the adult and geriatric population following traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and stroke (CVA). I have a particular interest in treating patients presenting with right hemisphere disorder (RHD), left neglect, and other cognitive-communication deficits. I joined NUSSLHA to be a part of like-minded people interested in furthering our field at the graduate school level. I also enjoy supporting and aiding our cohort in creating events that are valuable to my fellow classmates and soon-to-be colleagues.”

Sarah Jeudy NUSSLHA

Sarah Jeudy, Treasurer

“I am currently in my second year with a focus on adult-acquired neurological disorders and interest in pediatric dysphagia. I joined NUSSHLA as an officer to create and implement a fun space for my peers to come together and enjoy the journey of graduate school outside of just taking courses. My favorite event so far will have to be our bake sales! Everyone creates the yummiest treats.”

Hannah Hawkins NUSSLHA

Hannah Hawkins, Secretary

“Throughout my graduate school career I have found a particular interest in early intervention/infant feeding and I hope to one day end up in a NICU. I am grateful for Northeastern’s university and it’s NSSLHA branch. Joining NUSSLHA has been a great experience for me and has provided me with amazing opportunities to connect with peers, volunteer, be a mentor, and raise money for great causes. Further, being the secretary of the NUSSLHA board has provided me with the opportunity to challenged myself and strengthen my communication, writing, and professional skills. My favorite NUSSHLA events this year are the bake sales and the social events in Boston! My advice to anyone considering Northeastern and/or NUSSHLA is to go for it. You won’t regret it!”

Joanna Lubin NUSSLHA

Joanna Lubin, Social Chair

Joanna is a second-year graduate student in the Speech-Language Pathology Master’s program who is originally from Florida. Joanna joined NUSSLHA to help promote a sense of community within the program. One of Joanna’s favorite NUSSLHA events was the end of summer Lawn on D event where the first years were invited to meet each other and the second years before they officially started the program. In the future, she hopes to work on the medical side of our field, treating voice disorders and the dysphagia population.

Katie Pereira NUSSLHA

Katie Pereira, NUSSLHA Liaison

“Hi y’all! My name is Katie Pereira and I am your NUSSHLA liaison for the 2022-2023 year. I’m a second year student who is interested in both children and adults, and the closer I get to graduating, the harder it has become to try and narrow that focus. On the pediatric side of things, I am most interested in working with medically complex children and AAC. On the dark side of things (Professor Martin joke), I am interested in working with individuals with acquired/degenerative neurological disorders and patients with respiratory compromise (specifically trachs and vents). The great thing about our field is that I don’t have to necessarily commit to one thing as of yet, so my interests will remain wide for the time being!
The reason why I joined NUSSHLA was to get to know more individuals in the program and to also get more involved. As an officer, I now get to help in providing a sense of unity between both of my year’s cohorts and to also provide all students in our program with resources and networking opportunities to become competent, independent and confident clinicians!
Be a part of NUSSHLA! This group is filled with amazing opportunities to get more involved in our program and beyond.”

Cailin Ruoti NUSSLHA

Cailin Ruoti, First-Year Representative

“In my studies, I am focused on adults with neurological diagnoses in medical settings. This summer, I will have the opportunity to work with this precise population and to gain experience as a medical SLP.
I joined NUSSHLA to be a part of a community passionate for raising awareness of communication sciences and disorders and to support other students in their journey to becoming well-rounded clinicians.
An event I particularly enjoyed was the NUSSHLA bake sale. It was an enjoyable way to raise money for the club, especially since it was on Valentine’s Day!”