Aural Rehab Graphic SUMMER

COVID-19 is making hearing even more challenging. Learn how to listen better with our complimentary virtual trainings.



Learn techniques to communicate better when video conferencing such as lip/speech reading skills, anticipatory strategies, environmental modifications, and repair strategies when breakdowns occur. Trainings will be personalized based on the listening challenges for each participant.


Topics include:

  • assistive listening devices,
  • phones with captioning,
  • virtual conferencing platforms that utilize captioning,
  • smart phone apps that change speech-to-text, and
  • techniques to advocate for yourself when social distancing.

    Join two trainings lasting 1.5 -2 hours on Wednesdays. Sessions are conducted by two speech pathology graduate students and Dr. Nicole Laffan.

Nicole Laffan Bouve College Of Health Sciences Northeastern University

Program led by:

Nicole Laffan, AuD, MS, CCC-A/SLP, Audiology and Speech-Pathology Clinical Supervisor at the Speech-Language and Hearing Center. She is also an expert in helping individuals with hearing loss.

Spring 2022

Wednesdays, from 11:30-1:00

Two 1.5 to 2 hour virtual training sessions

Space is limited! Call 617-373-2492 to reserve your spot.


Speech-Language and Hearing Center
Northeastern University
Behrakis Health Sciences Center, Suite 503
30 Leon Street
Boston, MA 02115