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Real-World Experiences Enriching Education

For more than a century, Northeastern University’s Bouvé College of Health Sciences has championed a simple idea: Experience deepens learning. Here, at one of the nation’s leading health science colleges, future pharmacists, policymakers, administrators, nurses, physical therapists, scientists, speech therapists, and psychologists learn from renowned professors, while apprenticing alongside preeminent clinicians and researchers at top health institutions.

Bouvé College of Health Sciences encompasses three exceptional schools, Health Professions, Nursing, and Pharmacy. Together, these institutions leverage interdisciplinary collaboration and strategic synergies to tackle the world’s most pressing health challenges.

It is this cross-pollination of academic rigor, interdisciplinary perspectives and globally recognized experiential learning that distinguishes Bouvé and its graduates.

Featured Spring Courses

Spring registration is here! Popular courses offered explore both traditional healthcare practices and emerging trends. Due to high-demand, these introductory courses are now open to students across the university.

Alternative Medicine (HLTH 2302)
Contemporary Issues in Nutrition (HSCI 1106)
Introductory Skills for Healthcare and Rehabilitation (HLTH 2001)

Good Luck During Finals!

As finals week sets in, please remember to practice self-care and build in breaks to your study schedule. Follow a guided meditation from the Sacred Space on campus and read mindfulness tips for focus and relaxation here.

New Combined Majors

As the healthcare industry evolves, combined majors grow increasingly popular. With these distinctive degrees, students gain a unique set of skills across disciplines and can offer specialized experience and perspectives for future employers.

Data Science & Health Sciences
Environmental Engineering & Health Sciences
Health Science & Business Administration


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