Lead found in children’s food illustrates need for ‘continued advocacy’ for testing standards

Key Takeaways

  • Lunchables and popular brands of children’s veggie puffs were found to have high levels of lead, something Northeastern expert Neil Maniar said families “shouldn’t gloss over.”

By Erin Kayata

You might worry about lead in your pipes or the base of your beloved Stanley cup. But what about your food?

Consumer Reports broke a lot of bad news to parents when it detailed how much lead was found in two popular products aimed toward children. The company’s testing found Lunchables and certain brands of veggie puffs had concerning amounts of lead in them.

“This is one of those things that families shouldn’t gloss over,” said Neil Maniar, professor of the practice and director of the masters of public health program at Northeastern University. “There is a need for continued advocacy to make sure that we have the proper testing standards across all foods and that the food supply is safe.”

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