Ice baths are popular with celebrities, but what are the health benefits, if any — and risks?

Key Takeaways

  • Drake and Kim Kardashian do them. You can buy one for your home. But are ice baths actually helpful after a workout?

When it comes to workout cooldowns, some people take the idea seriously by dunking themselves in an ice bath. Celebrities like Kim and Kourtney Kardashian and Drake tried this type of cold water therapy at a luxury wellness club, and you can even buy ice bath tubs for your home.

Driving this interest is the idea that ice baths can help reduce pain, particularly after exercise. But despite their growing popularity, no amount of time in an ice bath can heal the body alone, says Rui Li, associate clinical professor and director of the exercise science program at Northeastern University.

These chilly dips can be helpful in easing inflammation, especially after a workout, though users should proceed with caution.

“There’s still research going on to study ice baths, but it’s really just a preference for acute isolation of inflammation,” Li says. “It shouldn’t be replacing other effective recovery methods.”

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