‘Challengers’ is where tennis meets love. But what happens in real life if you date someone in your field?

Key Takeaways

  • Elizabeth Glowacki, a Northeastern professor who teaches a course on interpersonal communications, said there’s pros and cons to dating someone who shares your passion.

By Erin Kayata

The Internet has fallen in love with the movie “Challengers”: its music, its stars, and its love triangle.

The film follows three tennis players — Art, Tashi and Patrick — over the course of their careers. Tashi goes from a player herself to coaching her husband, Art, after a failed relationship with Patrick who chafes at her attempts to guide him in the sport.

Beneath all the tennis shots and tangled dynamics, “Challengers” shows the challenges that come with sharing a passion or a career with someone you love

Lots of notable couples shared a career path, from musicians like Beyonce and Jay-Z, to Hollywood couples, to literary pairings like Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes. It makes sense given the idea of task attraction, which is when you’re drawn to someone because of their competencies in a certain area, said Elizabeth Glowacki, an assistant teaching professor at Northeastern University who runs a course on interpersonal communications.

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