Stephen P. Wood, Northeastern University

Stephen P. Wood


Visiting Associate Clinical Professor; Program Director, Adult/Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Program


Research Interests

Social justice, housing insecurity, human trafficking, psychotropics, the intersection of magic and neuroscience


Stephen P. Wood is the program director for the Adult Gerontology Acute Care NP program as well as the Extreme Medicine Certificate program. He started his career in EMS and has continued his involvement in EMS for over three decades. He has been a nurse practitioner in emergency medicine and the intensive care unit since 2009. He has worked in several emergency department and ICU settings and was the Director of the Advanced Practice MICU at a tertiary care center in Boston before joining the faculty full-time. He also completed a three-year fellowship in bioethics at Harvard Medical School and is currently a fellow in bioethics at the Petrie Flom Center at the Harvard Law School.

An amateur magician, he also teaches a course called Magic and Healthcare, which is an exploration of the neuroscience of magic and its application to healthcare. He is an author, avid reader, and lobsterman.

Selected Publications

Wilson, L., Wood, SP., Goldberg, S. Labor Trafficking and the Role of the EMS Professional. JCEMS.2022 5(1)

Pelletier, M., Podisadlo, B., Wood, SP, Dalton, M. Optimal Prehospital Airway Management Depends on EMS System Efficiency. 2020. JEMS. 8(43).

Wood, SP. Trafficked. AMA J Ethics. 2018. 20(12):1215 – 17.

Wood, SP. This One is Scary. J Emerg Nursing. 2018.44(4):411-2.

Wood, SP. 2017. Prescription Monitoring Programs: Intended and Unintended Consequences. J Preventive Med.2017. 2:1; e102