Roman Manetsch



Pharmaceutical Sciences

Manetsch Lab

Over the years the Manetsch group has focused on conducting highly collaborative medicinal chemistry research aimed at addressing important unmet needs for human health (malaria, antibiotic resistance, etc.).

The lab’s approach is to bring their expertise in synthetic organic chemistry and analytical medicinal chemistry to collaborative research projects that leads to high impact medicinal chemistry research projects, which have proven to be excellent training groups for student looking to pursue a career in pharmaceutical chemistry.

Our research interests focus on organic, bioorganic, and click chemistry addressing fundamental aspects and diverse applications of medicinal chemistry of anti-infectives, as well as chemical probes for the study of specific proteins in complex biological matrices.

Using synthetic chemistry in close conjunction with liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry detection (LC-MS and LC-MS/MS), the Manetsch laboratory developed kinetic Target-Guided Synthesis (TGS), a fragment-based lead discovery strategy, targeting protein-protein interactions associated with apoptosis. This LC MS-based method is currently applied for the discovery of inhibitory agents or probe molecules to target malaria, amoebic, or bacterial infections.