Roger Giese


Director, Environmental Cancer Research Program; Professor

Pharmaceutical Sciences


  • Organic synthesis
  • Mass tags
  • Mass spectrometry
  • DNA adductomics


Prior to joining Northeastern University, Roger Giese obtained a PhD in organic chemistry at MIT and then underwent postdoctoral training in biophysics and clinical chemistry at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, with a research focus on chemical modification of proteins to help elucidate their structures and functions.  Dr. Giese’s research at NU initially focused on the avidin-biotin system as a tool in analytical biochemistry. Subsequently he focused on biomedical applications of mass tag mass spectrometry. The major area of application for this technology has been DNA adductomics, with secondary applications in the fields of metabolomics, exposome, and drug analysis. In his earlier years at NU he taught courses in clinical chemistry and biomedical chemical analysis. In recent years he has taught two courses: undergraduate biochemistry to pharmacy students in my Department of Pharmaceutical  Sciences, and graduate pharmaceutical biochemistry in the same department. In the latter course the biochemistry of leading and emerging drugs is presented.


2010 Innovation Teaching Award, Northeastern University
1999 Klein Lecturer, Northeastern University
1965-1966 Woodrow Wilson Fellowship
1961-1965 George McPherson Scholarship
1964 Bluhm Scholarship and Service Award


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Recent Publications

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