Leigh Plant


Assistant Professor

Pharmaceutical Sciences


Pharmacology, ion channel biophysics, electrophysiology, cell signaling

Research Interests

How do cell signaling pathways control the physiology and pharmacology of the protein machinery that controls electrical signals in the heart and brain?
By combining state of the art techniques including electrophysiology, spectroscopy, single-molecule imaging, super-resolution microscopy and computation, the Plant lab investigates the physiology and pharmacology of ion channels and G protein-coupled receptors in cardiac cells, neurons and the kidney.  The work is funded by an R01 award from the NIH to study the role of voltage-gated sodium channels in cardiac disease, a Tier 1 award from Northeastern University to discern if cannabinoids can reduce pain in peripheral neurons, and a generous gift from the Barker Foundation to develop innovative approaches to treating chronic kidney disease in patients.