Justin Manjourides

Assistant Professor
  • Department of Health Sciences

Office: 312D RB
Email: j.manjourides@neu.edu

Education/degrees: PhD

Specializations/Research Interests: I am a biostatistician trained to develop and apply statistical methodologies across disciplines to generate hypotheses, analyze data, and answer major research questions. My primary research agenda is focused on the development and evaluation of novel methodologies to better analyze, quantify, and visualize public health data across disciplines that are prone to mismeasurement, and translating those methodologies to broad applications. My primary areas of application are air pollution epidemiology, occupational health and safety interventions, and the analysis of infectious disease treatment cohorts.

Courses: PHTH2210, PHTH5210, PHTH6210


Tallon L*, Manjourides J, Pun V, Mittleman M, Kioumourtzoglou M, Coull B, Suh, H. Erectile Dysfunction and Exposure to Ambient Air Pollution in a Nationally Representative Cohort of Older Men. Environmental Health (2017, Accepted)

Pun V, Kazemiparkouhi F*, Manjourides J, and Suh H. Long-term PM2.5 exposures and cardiovascular, respiratory, and cancer mortality among Medicare enrollees. American Journal of Epidemiology (2016, accepted)

Zhang Z, Manjourides, J, Cohen T, Hu Y, and Jiang, Q. Spatial measurement errors in the field of spatial epidemiology. International Journal of Health Geographics 2016. 15 (1); 21-33.

Sparer E*, Okechukwu C, Manjourides, J, Herrick, R, Katz, J, Dennerlein J. Length of time spent working on a commercial construction site and the associations with worker characteristics. American Journal of Industrial Medicine. 2015. 58 (9); 964-973.

Manjourides J, Lin H, Shin S, Jeffery C, Contera C, Cruz J, Oswaldo J, Asencios L, Cohen T. Identifying multidrug resistant tuberculosis transmission hotspots in a South American setting using routinely collected data. Tuberculosis. 2012: 92(3):273-279.

Please visit my personal webpage: https://justinmanjourides.github.io.