David R. Janero

David R. Janero


Visiting Professor and Director of Pharmaceutical Sciences Graduate Program

Pharmaceutical Sciences


Molecular and Cellular Biology
Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industries
Translational and Entrepreneurial Science
Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Consulting


Metabolism and bioenergetics
Enzyme and receptor biology
Signal transduction
Molecular medicine
Mechanisms of disease and drug action
Biomarker discovery, validation, and application
Integrative and systems biology
Disease modeling
Discovery, profiling, and development of drugs and therapeutic devices

Other Affiliations

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Venture Mentoring Service
Boston University School of Medicine, Research Associate Professor (Adjunct), Biochemistry

Recent Publications

Deshpande, D., S. Kethireddy, D.R. Janero and M. Amiji. 2016. Therapeutic efficacy of an ω-3-fatty acid-containing estradiol nano-delivery system against experimental atherosclerosis. PLoS One 11:e0147337.

Tyukhtenko, S, I. Karageorgos, G. Rajarshi, N. Zvonok, S. Pavlopoulos, D.R. Janero and A. Makriyannis. 2016. Specific inter-residue interactions as determinants of human monoacylglycerol lipase catalytic competency: a role for global conformational changes. J. Biol. Chem. 291:2556-2565.

Kulkarni P.M., A.R. Kulkarni, A. Korde, R.B. Tichkule, R.B. Laprairie, E.M. Denovan-Wright, H. Zhou, D.R. Janero, N, Zvonok, A. Makriyannis, M.G. Cascio, R.G. Pertwee and G.A. Thakur. 2016. Novel electrophilic and photoaffinity covalent probes for mapping the cannabinoid 1 receptor allosteric site(s). J. Med. Chem. 59:44-60.

Laprairie, R., A. Kulkarni, P. Kulkarni, D. Hurst, D. Lynch, P. Reggio, D.R. Janero, R. Pertwee, L. Stevenson, M. Kelly, E. Denovan-Wright and G. Thakur. 2016. Mapping cannabinoid receptor 1 allosteric site(s): critical molecular-determinant and signaling profile of GAT100, a novel, potent, irreversibly-binding probe. ACS Chem. Neurosci. 7:776-798.

Laprairie, R., P.M. Kulkarni, J.R. Deschamps, M.E.M. Kelley, D.R. Janero, M.G. Cascio. L.A. Stevenson, R.G. Pertwee, T.P Kenakin, E.M. Denovan-Wright and G.A. Thakur. 2017. Enantiospecific allosteric modulation of cannabinoid 1 receptor. ACS Chem. Neurosci. 8:1188-1023.

Zhou, H., Y. Peng, A. Halikhedkar, P. Fan., D.R. Janero, G.A. Thakur, R.W. Mercier, X. Sun, X. Ma and A. Makriyannis. 2017. Human cannabinoid receptor 2 ligandinteraction motif: transmembrane helix 2 cysteine C2.59(89) as determinant of classical cannabinoid agonist activity and binding pose. ACS Chem. Neurosci. 8:1338-1347.

Karageorgos, I., V.I. Silin, N. Zvonok, J. Marino, D.R. Janero and A. Makriyannis. 2017. The role of human monoacylglycerol lipase (hMAGL) binding pocket in breakup of unsaturated phospholipid membranes. Anal. Biochem. 536:90-95.

Szymanski, D., M. Papanastasiou, L. Pandarinathan, N. Zvonok, D.R. Janero, S. Pavlopoulos, P. Vouros and A. Makriyannis. 2018. Aliphatic azides as selective cysteine labeling reagents for integral membrane proteins. J. Med. Chem. 61:11199- 11208.

Wood, J.T., C.J. Lammi-Keefe, D.R. Janero and A. Makriyannis. 2019. Gestational diabetes mellitus alters select lipid-signaling molecules within the endocannabinoid metabolome of human breast milk. Lipids Submitted.

Gari, S., P. Kulkarni, P. Schaffer, L. Leo, A. Brandt, A. Zagzoog, T. Black, X. Lin, D. Hurst, D.R. Janero, M. Abood, A. Straiker, R. Pertwee, M. Kelly, A.-M. Szczesniak, E. Denovan-Wright, K. Mackie, A. Hohmann, P. Reggio, R.B. Laprairie and G.A. Thakur. 2019. Application of fluorine- and nitrogen-walk approaches: Defining the structural and functional diversity of 2-phenylindole class of CB1-receptor positive allosteric modulators. J. Med. Chem. Submitted.